WoWS Q&A – 14th January 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU

This is potentially important.

In the patch 0.6.0, which will probably be released on January 19th, any captain undergoing retraining will finish retraining automatically. In other words, do not forget to put the captains you want to move on the new ship.

Moreover, but this is well-known, all skills will be reset is such a way that the number of skill points would stay the same.

Transcript of a stream with JamesWhite, dated January, 9th.

I am skipping the year 2016 in retrospect, as well as information related to the Russian events. The RU cluster will have the equivalent of the End of Year Marathon in February.

As of last week, 48000 players have completed the third leg of the Hunt for Graf Spee campaign. We are very happy that so many players participated in the event. The Santa’s Christmas Convoy is well underway for those who purchased the Graf Spee. It is a simple and easy campaign.

Q. Tell us more about the forthcoming ranked season
A. The new ranked season will take place in February and continue for six weeks. Except for a few exceptions, the next season will use the rules of the previous one.

Q When will you re-balance the USS Marblehead?
A. The USS Marblehead does not need any changes according to server statistics.

Q. Is the currently tested set of captain skills final?
A. We will continue developing and re-balancing captain skills in the future.

Q. Do you plan moving Kiev to tier 8?
A. We plan swapping some destroyers between tiers, but these are just plans and subject to change.

Q. Will I be able to change the equipment (signals, upgrades) while loading into a battle?
A. No, we do not plan such an option.

Q. Will Leningrad and HMS Belfast be sold for doubloons in the client?
A. February will see an increase in the number of premium ships available for doubloons, but those two ships will not necessarily be included.

Q. When will Training Room be added?
A. Ou goal is to make the room user-friendly and functional. We add it when we accomplish this goal.

Q. Will you listen to player feedback, or do the contrary?
A. Of course we are interested in players’ opinions. We have people who spend hours analyzing player feedback. But different servers have different opinions on many issues. There is little consensus in the entire player base.

Q. Will there be amnesty for permanently banned players?
A. We do not have such plans.

Q. What about Team Battles, or has the focus shifted to developing the Bastion?
A. The focus has shifted to developing Clan Battles. The way it looks now, we will discontinue team battles and stop developing them.

Q. Are you taking measures against AFK players and bots?
A. We are analyzing the situation, and will, of course, punish the culprits.