NO special for EU this weekend

This weekend for EU is “special” because we get NO %$^KING SPECIAL :(



Maybe we will get something real special, but it’s so “special” it cannot be published on Friday, but there are Saturday and Sunday left, so let’s hope for some “special” special for us the “special” EU guys…



32 thoughts on “NO special for EU this weekend

    1. When you started playing WoT you had tanks to grind to reach that tier 10 goal, personal missions, events that were much better than today. Now years later no more tank goals, stuck on the same 5 personal missions for months, and EU events are very bad compared to other servers (and today none at all).

      It’s about respect, treat all servers equally. This is just feedback, not a demand – they can take it or leave it. I can take my time and wallet to other games in the meantime.

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    2. Russian, American and European guy walk into a bar. Waitress asks both Russian and American guys what they would like to drink… they offer somethng and she serves it. After some time she finally turns towards EU guy and tells him “you can just sit there because i don’t feel like giving you anything”.

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  1. And what? You pay to buy special for this weekend? NO
    There is end of Holiday ops. This was great special for players. Dont cry all time, try be possitive.


  2. Yepp, they officially just stopped to even do as much as try.
    I wonder, what would need to happen for them to do half the work the NA office does?
    Perhaps the WG office in Paris to be literally blown up? I bet someone knows someone who knows someone who would tip off a terrorist pal of theirs about where to go and do a suicide bombing, kek.


  3. Well go figure…
    Seeing that the moderation on EU forums was furbar the last few months, up to a week ago, I wonder what is going on in the EU offices.
    Are they still in operation or is there an internal reorganization going on after last year black tanks fiasco?


  4. …i just got my senior technical engineer badge today (all tanks researched), so i dont give a flying f* anymore, in fact, im so happy to not have to play WoT regularly :)

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  5. WG EU worked hard to offer us a varied selection of premium tanks during christmas so they have to skip this weekend… or more likely they cannot afford it because they didn’t get to sell tanks without clan camouflage!!


  6. Don’t care, not gonna play this weekend. Got to frustrated while playing at the beginning of this week.

    I want to keep loving this game, but it’s getting harder. So much facepalms, I don’t get all the stupid shit that WG is pulling off. It really isn’t that hard to fix the obvious issues in the game and keep the players happy. I’m even willing to pay for that.


  7. This was awesome.
    I write to WG to stop makin weekend specials and start to make workdays specials – little marathons 5 days long….

    I wish WG read my mail… This will ensure that weekend players will start to think and not so much “run, run, run and die”. (i could use different word but choose not to)


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