Sandbox Update

The Sandbox Test Server has been updated to the final version secretly. The database was updated also. Log-in support is enabled in the forum for those who got there earlier. This means that the server will start and be available very soon. Still not the final adjustments, but a lot of new features.



20 thoughts on “Sandbox Update

  1. How the fuck do u morons consider this a “secret” when WG has stated publicly that they r working on the SB and expect to launch the newest version in early 2017?


        1. Being offended by a random indiscriminate insult aimed at everyone by a single ass-up pleb on a forum/blog is a baaaaaad idea.

          Anyways, sandbox time again, I’m excited. They did say it would be the first part of 2017, though.

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          1. Let tards hurl random indiscriminate insults aimed at everyone and before you know it there is only tards left.

            Lets hope sandbox changes really fix the game(not going to set myself for disappointment).

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    I sent another customer support tisket asking about T26E5 and AMX M4 49 standard editions for EU server.
    This is how the reply looks like.
    First was bad news “sorry i really can’t do anything”… so i say thank you, this saddens me etc. and right away i got another reply from a different guy saying
    “leave feedback … in the future we might consider selling tanks with special camo OPTIONAL”

    You should check it out if you want to see standard edition of premium tanks.

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      1. Thing is that the first guy was all “no can’t do shit sorry” and ffew minutes later after my reply the second, totally different guy replied right away.
        There is always somebody at the table who is more important, who can make the call and can help us if he’s willing to do so.

        This is all we got and if there’s a slightest chance of this going further then i will do everything i can to make that happen.
        Every comment, every vote and evey support ticket will help us acomplish our goal… all we have to do is be vocal about it.


        1. I don’t have that much experience with support but from what I heard from basically everyone, first response to pretty much any ticket is copy pasta, 2nd ticket there is a chance of getting reply from a person.

          So if you have any issue and they send copy pasta answer, try again and you might get lucky.


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