Rant Time: The Clown Camo in WoT…

Thanks to 2goxd for reminding me of this issue.

I’ve been having a lot of pent-up frustration over the last few days over something that I’m working on. Hopefully, I can alleviate the frustration via this post.

So lets go on shall we? One thing I absolutely despise in WoT are all the goofy, fake camouflages applied onto the recent premiums in World of Tanks. Most of them are an eye-sore in my opinion and I know I am not the only one who holds these views.

That is why I advise to War Gaming to add a feature so we can disable these camouflages in our battles. Just so we are clear, I am not for the removal of clown camouflages (I made the sentence in bold because I know there will be the one or two people who won’t bother to read the passages clearly). I understand that there are people who enjoy these camouflages; nothing wrong with that at all. However, according to 2goxd and Damplar’s polls on the WoT EU forums, most people prefer to buy premiums without the camouflages. It has made people avoid these vehicles thus a loss in profit for War Gaming.

These are the steps War Gaming should follow…

  1. Make WG EU sell the non-clown camo version of the premiums as an option.
  2. Implement a system in the settings where you can pick and choose which tank you would like to disable the camouflage on. There are people like me who like historical camouflages on certain tanks such as the Cromwell B and M46 KR, but I understand if some people do not. This has been done in World of Warships with the anime ships.
  3. Implement more realistic, unique, and historical camouflages since many people enjoy it as well as the clown camouflaged tanks.

So how can we make this happen?

I would send a message to WG customer support until they start to notice the recent influx of messages relating to this subject if you want to see a change. Posting on the forums is also great.


76 thoughts on “Rant Time: The Clown Camo in WoT…

      1. would it really change anything? it’s still the same vehicle, or is it the flag that bothers you? I don’t particularly like french people (there’s a lot of xenophobia in france) but even so the flag does not offend me
        you guys need to understand that they didn’t simply pull this idea out of their a**es, the WoT console team tested it since most AAA games DO HAVE content like this and they simply found out there was market for that
        sure you have the right to want a “bare” version of the vehicle but no one was forcing you to buy the “skinned” version


        1. There are different markets with different people interested in different types of games. Just look at the difference PC and Console players. They should’ve done some market research before.

          The links to polls in the post show that most people prefer a bare skin version


        2. It couldn’t be just the stupid paint job that pisses people off, it had to be something deeper, right? And since it happens to be the flag of a country, obviously there have to be some racist feelings deep down, else why would people hate it? Just for the clown colors?

          By this logic, considering that I think that the black series tanks look like crap, I must be a white supremacist. BRB, got a cross to burn in my neighbor’s backyard.


        3. Dude when i play WoT i want to play TANK GAME and my immersion shouldnt be disturbed by flashy, unhistorical and sometimes outrageous silly painted vehicles!
          Its not that i want to buy them i also dont want to look at them! they look ridiculous!!!!
          And if we dont stop it now it will get to CS:GO levels of retarded colour schemes believe me.
          And mark my words when this time comes and everyone runs around whit doritos, mountain dew, bob the builder and hentai camo schemes then you will say whatdafukk is wrong with WoT!
          So if you dont understand it now then do this for your future self and safe your eyes from upcomming eye-cancer!!!

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    1. Nope, never got the regular version except for one instance: During the christmas-event, when we were able to buy shit for the tree and the snow-KV2, you had a chance of getting the Mle49 without the clown-camo as a *random* prize, for the 50€ package…


  1. yeah it does kinda suck that we have to looks at these ugly ass camos all the time i mean the wgl ones piss me of the most because they are just rotten looking. (espeically the 13 57 which i wouldve bought at the time if it didnt have the camo but i wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole now because it just not a good tank and with the buffs normal tier 7 lts got like the chinese that tanks just a piece of shit now and i count it among the worst premiums in the game)
    i also have really gotten sick of looking at the fucking patriot skin. i see it so often that i cant help but get irritated by seeing them…(because that tank proved to be massively more popular than i thought itd be) the liberte is pretty annoying too but its no where near the same popularity level as the patriot.
    its honestly not as obnoxious and repulsive as the cromwell knight on the console version but still its not exactly nice to look at. (the cromwell knight in my opinion is by far the worst offender its disgusting im hoping they dont go to that extreme or ill probably start downloading mods to change the skin)

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      1. its a tier 7 light tank that will meet tier 10s has 143 pen has only 56 shots for a 57mm gun which fires in 1s intervals that has a terrible 2.3s aim time. (it cant use vert stabs that why i say 2.3s is bad) which means you need to be extremely careful with the shots you fire because of the ammo capacity limitation its not as bad as the 13 75 because the 13 75 only get what is it 6 reloads total? where as this get 7 clips. its got a 250hp engine with a pretty bad power/weight for a light tank while having poor gun depression more than likely has to take about 3 or more shots at a tanks tracks to track it and more than likely takes 2 shots to track an enemy tank with yellow tracks. (another case where the aim time would screw you because youd want to get the shots out fast but more than likely the shots will just go everywhere) also its french so it will take module damage from everything that looks at it. i think the 13 75 is better than it mainly because it will have an easier time tracking things and you would need to do that because 143 pen when the norm is the 170s? with only the type 62 and wz 131 along with the french having less than 170. at least the chinese have the alpha which almost double the 13 57s alpha.


  2. Of course this is all opinion, but i was also against all the clown car, realism breaking, non historical camo. Or like that amine stuff in wows and that anime tank on console, so very bad.

    however, then i saw the captured kv-1 on console, painted up spiffy by the germans, and fell in love. so i think its a case by case basis, with almost all the special camos being fails so far, but the general concept might work in special cases.

    man i want that German captured kv-1 on PC…

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  3. Sure, camo is f* ugly on the Patriot, the AMX 13 57 and not so pretty on the AMX M4 mle 49. On the other side the tanks have quite good performance, nearly overpowered for the Patrio and AMX Liberte.

    I would like to have the option to on/off the special camo or to put regular camo. But is not going to keep me up at night by making me lose any sleep over it.

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  4. I play on the Asian server and all the special premiums like the ones mentioned came in different bundles, which included ones without camo.


  5. You are forgetting that EU is for milking money. This will come, I mean the non-clown versions of tanks, after clown versions stops selling and they will be able to add those and allow you to buy them at 50% off if you have the clown (much like black shit)

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  6. Really? Does it really matter for you guys how the tank looks? If the tank is good, i don’t mind it having a camo of some sort. If you’re only buying the tanks for looks i’m sorry but it’s just plain stupid. And maybe I’d understand your point if it was ugly, but i don’t think there’s any problem with the looks of those camos. Just get over it.

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    1. You can always debate how you like the spectacular camouflage schemes. However the normal camouflaged tanks were dangled in front of the entire EU server without the option to purchase. And furthermore buying tanks for how they look might be stupid – but it’s a game so what kind of reason does people need to buy a tank when plenty things has been done for less than lols? And the problem with unrealistic camouflages is hos the player immersion gets broken. If people dream themself into being tank commanders a pink Tiger og yellow BatChat might easily distract many people and make the game less attractive. And no matter how much we hate the influx from x3 and x5 weekends we all need as many players as possible to help drive the game forward, feed the Matchmaker etc etc

      And also I wanted the Amx M4 since the first screenshots – but I’ll refuse to buy it with the clown camouflage purely because I know it’s available for every other server. If it was only available in the Liberty version I’d still buy it for the tank.

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  7. not like the usual quality of the posts I except to read on here, it feels like a forum whine. Seb think about who you let post what as it may degrade your blog.


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      1. The post is fine, however it could have been made more constructive and better written. Don’t take it as an insult, but try to either get someone help you with editing or put more work into the writing. I’ve been waiting for the topic to come up for weeks so thank you…


  8. those flag camos are just ugly….

    people say ” who cares about a skin”…. and you forget that in a lot of games some skins can be sold for hundreds of euros/dolars like in C.S. or LOL,a nd even became one of the pilars of the money income …

    a good designed skin can make the player more likely to happily play that tank, and become less agressive against his/her team, specially in WOT where there is no system to separete idiots from normal and pro players.
    a good example are those exclusive camos on blitz and console for the halloween events.

    some people only want “realistic camos” .. its as easy as adding a feture where you can activate seeing them or not, your choice. they already have that thing for the marks on the gun.

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  9. Thanks for pointing it out, mainly clown T26E5 is an eyesore and forced me to use a skin mod, so a built-in client option will be very welcomed.

    And as mentioned above, the normal versions will come as soon as the EU cow’s milk ceases.


  10. I’ve said it many times on the forums over the last year: Wargaming needs to stop implementing these unrealistic clown camo’s and instead make custom (but historical) camouflages that were used at the time when the tank in question was introduced.

    The PC version of this game is not set in anime-Japan or played on the consoles, so keep it somewhat authentic in terms of camouflage and leave the clown camo’s for the console version.

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    1. Yes. All of them.
      Except us, EU peasants. Because if the WG EU monkeys have shit for salary, they will make the game shit for us in exchange.
      Only logical.



  11. Solution, quit bitching and don’t buy a premium tank you don’t like. Don’t bitch that you can’t buy all the premium tanks because you don’t like all of them. Don’t bitch that occasionally there’s a powerful premium tank where you don’t like it. Have fun.

    Simple ideas to live by.

    Talk about generation of entitlement. Jeez.


    1. So I’m not a allowed to ask for an option? Something that will most likely affect the experiences of other people.

      What if the immersion of the game is how you have fun? Until you see a French flag skin on a tank.

      I don’t believe I’m entitled for this. I am clearly not. However, I’m trying persuade WG by showing them a possible loss in profit.

      Our we not allowed to ask for anything that would result in win-win for all? Something that should be relatively easy to implement.


    1. Oh jesus christ i fucked up !

      Thank you TAP, i somehow managed to mix this shit up since i wrote to Rita and then somehow you made a post about it.

      Big sorry, won’t happen again.



    2. Look on the bright side, it could have been way worse: thanking TAP on Ritard’s blog and then having to deal with all the fanboys enraged by your crime of lèse-majesté . :P

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      1. Not much to comment on over there… It’s unofficially dead – maybe it’s true about WG keeping cards tight and not having much to show. But still I haven’t seen any debates on topics like this.

        All I see on the other blog is reposts from WG


  12. I can’t take the people seriously that whine about “lack of realism” on the mentioned tanks.
    Since when was WoT a realistic game where tanks of each country team up with eachother + health bars etc?

    The tanks just being “sore to your eyes” is a fair statement for tanks like the Patriot and the Liberte I guess. Since they have this “overdesign” thing going on. (I still find it weird people complain about the 13 57 GF, since the “GF logo stuff” is barely visible on it)

    In the end, people could easily just mod these skins away and wait until WG implement an option to like in WoWs.


    1. You know my problem here is that i don’t feel like hunting down the mods after every single micro patch just so i can have something all other server offered by default. Besides others mod only affects what i see.

      I have AMX 13 57 GF, i really like that tank but that logo sucks… ok fine, but i can deal with the logo that size.
      But when it comes to offers like Patriot and Liberte i can’t stand those anymore.

      I have Mutz and i love that cool bear, i also really like the Patton KR camo, imo. it looks pretty cool because it was actually in use. Also Skorpion G doesn’t look bad…
      I don’t have latter 2 tanks but camo wouldn’t stop me from buying.
      But don’t you think it’s fair play to let people modify their tanks in a way they desire ?

      Thing about character modification in games was always to show others how you like your character/vehicle to look like, what’s your style, what looks cool to you.

      People want to look different, stand out, have some personality and that’s what it’s all about.

      Yes it’s just a game but not giving the players the option all other servers gave ?
      Well that’s a really shitty dick move in my book and besides they also lost tons of money with that.


  13. Just give those special camo’s as an option, or as stock skin. I would love to have the possibility to apply the standard camoscheme’s for winter, desert and forest on my Patriot, Liberté, Mutz and Skorpion. I would even pay the regular price in credits or gold for that.

    However, I’m cool with the Ripper Patton, that one existed in real life.


  14. One extra thing… Having debated client sizes in recent times isn’t it stupid to have several tanks doubled for pure cosmetic reasons? 3 black tanks and 2 clown camouflaged means we have 5 tanks in the client we didn’t need. Hopefully WG has a smart system to reuse hitboxes etc. Otherwise it would be utterly retarded…

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  15. The non clown camo AMX M4 mle. 49 IS available as one of the 4 tier 8 premium rewards obtainable by purchasing the BIG holiday ops pack. Just as a heads up if you get the answer “But it is available”and don’t know where. I’ve already seen a few on EU. You just need lots of cash and lots of luck as usual.


  16. WG doesn`t give a toss.
    As long as they can make a new OP premium, and people keep buying it as if their life depends on it, there will be 0 fucks given about the community desires (and especially so if it`s not the RU community).


  17. All I got to say is why you have to be mad? It’s only game? And you say all NA players is cry I mean there are reskins for the game for those tanks. Btw you don’t get everything you want too, I mean nobody wanted the camo variants because they had shit camo values and some looked bad (Aka the black tanks and the t26e5 p having less armor). I mean we had to wait an extra week for EU to finish the 5th campaign to get our tanks. That’s my single complaint.


  18. There is also the issue at least on the NA server if you bought the clown cammo and the regular you have two premiums to get your X2 or whatever. If wg were to change the ability to pick your Cammi some people may lose a tank….maybe gold compensation would come but I doubt it


  19. Use mod, forget about it and enjoy playing..
    This is really a problem?

    50% of the players drive in circles or sit still in a bush playing at all.. But some paint is the eternal problem?

    If you have rainbow xvm and complain about this, you’re a complete fool.

    If I ever get rich, I’ll buy your favorite tank, paint it pink with erected dicks all over it.


    1. Mods are disrupted with micropatches.

      Certain tanks such as the T25E5 and AMX M4 49 are armored brawling tanks and are used in short to mid ranges.

      I hardly ever use XVM especially since WG has been implementing features from it.

      I already have my favorite tanks.


  20. I hate it too. Liberte and Patriot always have my focus (specially with arty)… shit happens when you go to the battle painted in colour instead camouflage.
    Looking for realistic skins for these tanks.


  21. You know what I despise of in blogs? Rants! Usually, as soon as a blog starts ranting instead of critisizing, it’s not for long, that I do not bother to look at it any longer. However, it is not that much of a rant but rather a constructive way of sharing critical thoughts, which I appreciate, even though I do not consider this to be a problem of my own.

    I’d like to draw attention to two points, that are overlooked in this discussion, at least it seems so to my mind:
    1.) There are people who want more options of customization in the game anyway. For some nations the choice of camo paints is quite poor, and if there were restrictions on combinations between certain camos and tanks to please the historicity-focused people, it would even mean less ways of customizing your tank to your taste (e.g. not allowing a WW II-camo to be put on a Bundeswehr tank like the Leopard I). There have been arguments about having a market on its own by giving people the option to buy certain camos and other purely optical alterations of vehicles, just to make them look different, maybe even look unique as there have been games who drew their profit mostly or only from that (cf. Sliphantom and his arguments made on WoT-related YT-videos on the policies of Valve).
    2.) In order for this to work, however, I think this has to work both ways, kind of. People don’t customize tanks just for their own to look at it, but also because they want others to see it. Like the way you dress when you leave your house is a way of communicating with the people around you, the way you make your tank look in WoT can be considered an act of communicating with other people. This goes not only for customizing but also for the “clown camos” (which of course aren’t individual or unique at all). People also have bought the tanks because they have that camo scheme and not just because they want to see it, but because they want you to see it as it represents something for them, that they like to be recognized and they associate themselves with it as a part of the way they want to be taken as a player by the other players around them.
    I really don’t want to get deeper into the political stuff, that might be clinging to tanks with national flags on them, but rather highlight the aspect of communication, that many people seem to neglect in this discussion. Giving the option of just turning the display of all these camos off isn’t the real solution. For some of you, it might be, as you don’t have to look at something you don’t want to see any longer. But for others, the problem might be: What’s the point in having a fancy camo, if nobody sees it? Then, we could all go by putting fancy skins on our tank in our game by modding just for our own experience – but that’s not how communication in a somewhat public place works and it’s not the appeal why people spend money on cosmetical features in games. The gaming industry knows this, too. In order to make money from pure cosmetical features in a game, people also have to be able to see those, because the people who pay for those features want others to see that they use this as a (somewhat rudimentary and not highly elaborated, of couse) way of expressing themselves and showing something, they like to be taken for by others.

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    1. Amen! It’s not that I just want to rant about WG, but it’s just that I totally don’t get there marketing decisions.

      I’m a marketing professional myself (went to university for that shit and graduated on it) and it frustrates me just to see how incompetent WG’s marketingdepartment is (not to speak of the developing department, but I didn’t graduate on that, so I can’t really say something usefull about it).

      It really isn’t that hard to keep your playerbase happy. The way that they offer skinned vehicles or non-skinned vehicles (Mutz, Patriot and Liberté) across the different servers is just plainly stupid. And that is just one example of WG’s incompetence.

      Nowadays people (like, since the 1980’s or so) are used to expressing themselves and having choice. Also co-creation is nothing new. But maybe that’s hard to understand for a company that only seems to care about short term profit.

      I’ve put a lot of money into this game, but I’m not going to spend a lot anymore. Not until they fix the obvious errors in this game.

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