Why you avoid x3 weekends in WoT


30 thoughts on “Why you avoid x3 weekends in WoT

  1. I got a new game from my Czech friend for Christmas, called RimWorld. Been playing that for the past 4 days, and only that. I suppose I’m sorta lucky for accidentaly avoiding this bullshittery that is WoT right now….


    1. You play RimWorld and call WoT matchmaking bullshittery? Seriously? I’ve played quite a few games in my time, and RimWorld really takes the cake and eats it in a way that half of the thing gets splattered in a kilometer radius when it comes to game inherent bullshit.

      – “Oh hey, lets crashland an ancient alien spaceship piece of shit right in front of your 2 days old base. You leave it, everything around the piece dies, you attack it, aliens with super strong weapons come out and everybody dies!”

      – “Oh hey, lets spawn some bullshit bug hives in the middle of your base. If you’re lucky you can run away in the 2 seconds or so, and its just your base that’s completely fucked, if you’re unlucky… at least the bugs will be well fed!”

      – “Oh hey, lets get everybody in your base sick as hell, make it worse with a heatwave and THEN poddrop heavily armed pirates in the middle of your base”

      – “Oh hey, my rifle guy just got a mental break because the floors are dirty and then proceeds to shoot 4 of 6 people dead”

      And then the RNG that comes with attacking stuff… WoT is so harmless in comparison… Two guys with guns, a downed panther (the animal) in front of them… and the two morons took 26(!) shots which hit(!) to kill the poor thing. And now do that shit again against these fucking spaceship aliens that carry rocket launchers. They don’t even need to hit to ruin your day, just like arty.

      It has to be by far the worst game i’ve played in my entire live when it comes to RNG bullshit. Build your base, put some love in it, and then RNG comes and tears everything apart. You can’t prepare, you can’t plan. If the dice rolls right, everything is fucked, you can only survive with savescumming your way….. And you complain about WoT matchmaker. Seriously. It’s so bad that i seriously think one has to be quite masochistic to enjoy this game.


      1. Okay, I have a couple questions.

        -When was the last time you played?
        -Which storyteller did you choose?
        -Which difficulty did you play on?
        -Did you consider that MAYBE some things are different now?
        -Do you know even the slightest of things about my specific, personal gameplay and how I play the game?
        -What’s in the box?
        -Why do you compare the RimWolrd RNG to WoT’s when they are only comparable by the percentages they work with, which you failed to name?

        Please answer these questions, in a well mannered, orderly fashion, or you will be disregarded.
        Have a nice day! :)


        1. * It’s been a couple of months. Alpha 14, it was, i think.
          * The default as well as the chillax one. Doesn’t really matter though, RNG stays RNG. If the game decides you die, you die. End of story. Literally.
          * Standard difficulty, as well as one stage below, which didn’t change too much.
          * I’ve read the patch notes from time to time. From what i get, you can at least plan for the sicknesses now. The rest? Doesn’t seem to have changed.
          * No. I guess you can mod the shit out of this goddamn rng mess to have fun, but why pay money for the game when you need the community to fix the garbage mechanics? Do you mod it?
          * Syntax error. Which box? ;) If you mean the game package, i don’t have one – It’s bought via Steam.
          * I don’t know the RNG percentages of RimWorld. I know only that they feel something like 95% compared to the 25% you get in WoT. If i map RimWorld to WoT, stuffing a full clip from a AMX 50 100 at point blank range into the side of an AMX CDC and get only bounces and 0 damage crits to several modules would be nothing unusual – As well as having a MT-25 suicide-scouting into your base and ammorack one of your IS-3s with it’s first shot fired. RimWorld combat is just that fucked up.

          And i stand with my opinion. Seriously! How can you complain about WoT if you play this game? The bullshit levels arn’t even remotely compareable ;)


          1. Alright, I see.
            Well I still have great fun in mine and solving the RNG caused problems are minimal for me, no idea why, can be dumb luck.
            The box question was a joke, a reference to a movie.

            As for your question, the two games are not comparable.
            It’s like you compare golf to motocross. Sure, both of them are sports, but they can’t be more different!


            1. Regarding the luck: Maybe you’re lucky. Maybe i had especially bad luck. Maybe both ;)

              And true, you can’t compare the games. Still, with my personal RimWorld history, the bullshit i experience in WoT (MM, magical ammunition eating tracks, arty, e.t.c.) is pathetically harmless compared to that which i experienced in RimWorld :b


              1. You must be one really, really unlucky gamer.

                Though I still don’t quite understand the reason for you to be this upset about this topic.
                I mean, seriously, if it is that horrible, don’t play it. If you want to play it, either get it modded… or git gud.


                1. “It’s been a couple of months. Alpha 14, it was, i think.” – So? ;)

                  And “git gud” – Just lol. What a fucking shit argument. You can get good in WoT. You can get good in Prison Architect which also serves you your doom suddenly and drastically if you do things wrong, you can get good in Civilization titles and the likes, but in this fucked up shit? You can’t.

                  In every other game it has reasons when you fail – You drive out in an open field with 4 reds aiming at you, you fail to prevent your convicts from smuggling kitchen knives into their cells, you don’t build an army and get stomped by your neighbor.

                  But not RimWorld. There a dice rolls in an interval, and when the dice rolls right, you’re fucked. Either a single event is strong enough to kill you, or the subsequent dice rolls will get you – Like then mentioned ancient aliens on day 2 with machine guns and rocket launches when all you have is a pistol, a hunting rifle and some clubs, or things like sickness, heatwave, pirate-drop. Each event for itself can be dealt with, two at once too, but when they’re overlapping like that… just no. It’s end of story. This has nothing to do with skills. You can’t repel pirates that just dropped next to your infirmary when your guys are collapsing left and right or get mental breaks and proceed to wander into the firing lanes. You can maybe flee with what, maybe two people? I could live with stuff like that you know, but the game doesn’t react to that – You’re fucked from that moment on since you lack the manpower to repel other pirate waves or these stupid aliens, and the game WILL continue to serve you shit thats difficult to deal with 8 people already.

                  Maybe this kind of bullshit has changed during the last patches without being noted in the patchnotes, but when i’ve played, there where far too many situations that killed off your settlement without reason. Take the bugs for example. Impossible to get rid of by regular means, you may down one or two if you’re very lucky with the goddamn fucking 95% rng combat, then they rest is in melee range and tears your guys to shreds. Temporarily giving up your base and building a new one isn’t exactly feasible, since the game is usually progressed so far by then that the pirates (who will be visiting regularly by then, with 12+ people, grenades and other nasty stuff) will just wipe the floor with you on their next run when you can’t dig in your heavily trapped front porch the way you used to. Or your pathetic morons will simply get one mental break after another because they can’t get their luxury needs fullfilled anymore and start to kill each other.

                  As i said “It’s been a couple of months”. And it will stay that way. Hoped for a dwarven fortress alternative with that game, but i’ll rather play the original, or other games. Games where skill actually matters.


                  1. Jesus Fucking H. Christ, stop being this fucking butthurt!
                    I tried to keep my chill, but fuck, you are one enraged and hateful jerk who just can’t shut up about something, even after you said the same fucking thing 4 times already!!!

                    Enough is enough, this is a blog for tanks, battleships and the two games centered around them, so please, fucking stop!!!


    1. More like a frustrated player who made the mistake of playing on a holiday weekend. You can’t tell me that you haven’t been frustrated about the game in regards to its often hilarious playerbase during holidays. And to be fair, that Leo had like zero situational awareness and rammed the guy where he could’ve had an easy kill by shooting. Either way, in all of the clips, he wasn’t even blaming his team more than he was blaming his own miss-plays, and the enemy teams were being equally ludicrous, which was kind of the point of the video. btw, I’ve seen terrible players with way bigger egos. It’s why they will never improve. Most unicums don’t have an ego, but rather a lack of ego, leading to a process of self betterment. It’s not always the case, but in order to improve, you must first be aware that you have a crapload to learn.

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    2. Then, may I ask you, who of the following seems more like an egotistical twat in pubs, A bad player that tells people to fuck off whenever someone says hes doing something wrong, or a good player that dies and fists himself for his mistakes, mmm?

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    3. This is lemmingrush and I have watched his channel. Not a cocky Unicom by far. Most of his videos are teaching people to be better players.


  2. 3/5 weekend warriors do some seriously unpredictable things, more then anything, im sure thats the cause of frustration. The regulars expect a certain meta play that the guys who dont play much dont adhere to.. causes weird games and generally frustrating days of tanks.

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  3. Second clip : went way too far ahead of the team tho. You rush alone you pay, your mistake there. If you see your team cant follow because they’re idiots you’re the one who has to change its gameplay and adapt.


    1. Not true. That is standard position, he said it himself, he could easily get safe if he needs to, only an idiot (like that enemy batchat player) would rush him there because 9/10 times if you rush somebody in that position you’ll die. Enemy BatChat player had no intel on where the team was, he could have easily blind rushed into 10 tanks and died on the spot, which is what happens 9/10 times. I am pretty sure he lost most of his HP or died anyway, shame the clip is cut short.

      So no, it wasn’t a bad play. It was just unfortunate that there was a yolo batchat/XVM whore on the enemy team.


      1. You’re too far ahead when you don’t have any guns in your back that can support you and don’t know what’s coming toward you. Doesn’t matter if it’s a standard position. And this is WoT. You have to expect yolo all the time – ESPECIALLY with Batchats on the enemy team, at least when you’re playing on EU servers. I see the damn things yolo into something subjectively 1/3 of the time.

        And TBH, i’ve glanced over a few vids where LR bitches about bad teams, and when i look at said teams… well, wish i could trade with his matchmaking. He should try out the houdini teams on EU here, where 8 tanks on the flank on the other side of the map simply disappear when i take my eyes from the minimap for maybe 30 seconds to deal with one of the reds coming for me. It’s much like on the lower tiers with the crippled radio range, expect they don’t show up again when you get closer ;)


  4. I use the x5 weekends to play tanks I hate or otherwise suck in anyway. My performance won’t suffer, and when I do get that sweet victory it’s a boatload of Exp.


  5. The 15-3 or 3-15 games appear significantly more on x5 weekends. I was just playing for an hour and only had 3 minute games. I’m grinding the Swedes, so I was playing Tier 6 a lot. Man, what a total bunch of retards are playing at the moment. Top tier heavies camping behind the TD’s and that kind of bullcrap…

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  6. To be fair, I don’t play on weekends or x5/3 event most of the time, because the amount of red tomatoes is insane on ASIA server. I want to grind the mid tiers but excellent teammates do put me off.


  7. That is why playing with friends in this kind of situation is mandatory. Not always because of a better teammate, but at the very least you have friend who could laugh together with you against the craziness of WoT playerbase in holiday.

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    1. I often find myself not wanting to play the game until I can grab a platoonmate, all thanks to the sort of idiocracy depicted in the video. You are correct with the laughing part, but after the tenth loss in a row you’ll start to see things in a more grim fashion, and that is when having a buddy to rage with helps. Letting out steam, making advanced strategies, making plans on how to win the game with only the two of you – not impossible but highly improbable – yet it it can happen, and man, when it does!…

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