WoWS: TAP Insider News (25-XII-2016)

About the fate of Nagato and Amagi hulls (A), (B) and (C):
– Hull (A) gets removed, hull (B) will replace it as stock hull, the amount of experience and credits required to aquire hull (C) will be the same as hull (B).
– Gun models on the new hulls will be changed.
– Hitpoints and maneuverability on hull (B) remain the same as on the stock hull (A).
– If you have researched hull (B) before, you will automatically have hull (C) researched in
– If you have researched and bought hull (B) and (C), you will be compensated by free experience (22.000 for Nagato and 39.000 for Amagi) and credits (1.800.000 for Nagato and 2.300.000) for Amagi).

– Yorck’s AP shell real flight time at maximum range (17,3 km) is 17,5 seconds, while the current ingame calculator shows only from 13 to 15 seconds. It was re-calculated.
– Changes to Forts and Surveillance Stations when their armor models are a little too “strong”, almost immune to British cruiser’s AP shells.

From a Russian dev, I would not trust it, could be a joke, could be real, who knows? : Haven’t abused the invisi-firing before? Haven’t abused the ability to spam shells while sitting in the smoke before? Better do it quick before something which is going to happen soon.

Side note: There is a Supertester on EU who used Aim Assistance and was kicked out upon being busted. But Coordinators love him for a reason, so… they brought him back. He’s the guy who opposed the idea of selling to “peasants, low classes, stupid Americans” the USS Alabama.