WG Fest Q&A – 21st December 2016

Big thanks to Vlad for translating.

Again, with Murazor (M), Slava Makarov (S), Anton Pankov (A).

S: We won’t announce the mechanics for the IS-4 line just yet. Yes, we’ve thought about a really great thing. When we announce it many will be surprised. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

S: We want to get to work on the British HT’s, to make them more original.

S: It’s not about that some vehicles began to tank more or tank less, the problem is that vehicles changed very much, I scolded our designers who thought the changes won’t be that big; the vehicles became penetrable in different places. You can’t release such changes without explaining to the players what changed on a very large amount of vehicles. [I assume he is talking about the overmatch mechanics]

S/M/A: A solution regarding the KV-5 is moved from patch to patch for 6 months already. There simply is no easy solution. “Gold-using” of this tank is about the same as other tier 8 tanks. KV-5 has good statistics.

S: There are ideas for new game modes.

S: Don’t expect new maps. First, we’ll redo the maps for the new graphics. We won’t be able to do both at the same time.

A: Cybersports will be reworked, and we have ideas regarding that. They are not just 7×7 battles for 300k $, this is also weekends with friends, beating other players…

M: Panther/M10, Japanese Tiger are next in line for a buff.

A: We have a feature in development, unrelated to sold vehicle restoration, which will allow to restore premium tanks sold 3-4 years ago for a part of their price. For example, Type 59.

S: If we remove RNG (+-25%), it will become worse to play.

M: The KV-85 will lose the 122mm sooner or later. We’ll balance it so the gun simply will be not compfortable to play at all.

S: Clan battles and team battles and everything a player has after reaching tier 10 – it’s quite bad over there. We’ll have to redo all modes, how a player goes from one mode over to another etc. This is not fixed by patches, this has to be redone. A part is planned for the coming year.