Object 252 Spotted on RU

It was spotted on the RU server, played by an WG Supertester, also the stats of the tank changed drastically with improved armor and bigger damage gun:

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New stats with 100% crew (the stats in the bracket are old stats):
Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1500
Engine Power: 700
Weight: 51.2 (51.1) ton
Power-to-Weight:13.67 (13.59) hp/t
Maximum speed: 35kph (for.)/ 14kph (rev.)
Hull Traverse: 30° (26°)/sec
Turret Traverse: 25°/sec
Terrain Resistance: 1,151/1,438/2,205
Viewrange: 350m
Radio range: 440m
Hull armor: 130(90)/100 (90)/90mm
Turret armor: 250/150/100mm
Gun: 122mm BL-13
Damage: 440 (390)/440 (390)/530
Penetration: 225/265/68mm
DPM: 1720.41(1834.8)
ROF: 3.91(4.705) round/min
Reload: 15.34 (12.753) sec.
Accuracy: 0.42 (0.403)
Aim Time: 3.07 (2.88) sec.
Elevation/Depression: +20°/-6°(-5°)

Thanks to Cutmeo88 for the email.