Identifying the New Tier 10 Lights

If you haven’t noticed, there are new tier 10 light tanks being released sometime in the future. Some of the new light tanks were already known and others were more obscure. In this post, I’ll talk about what tank they could be and what features they could carry into World of Tanks.

XM551 Light Tank

This is likely the XM551, the prototype of the M551 “Sheridan”. The XM551 was first tested on an M41 hull, this configuration exists on the T49 (also, the T49 in WoT is an amalgamation of two different projects). The first complete XM551 prototype pilot was delivered on June, 1962. If implemented into World of Tanks at tier 10, we can safely say that ATGMs may become a real feature in the game. I also hypothesize that the T49 will split into two tanks. The M41 with the XM551 test bed turret may become a tier 9 while the T49 with the 90mm may stay at tier 8.

XM551 Pilot #1

Rheinmetall Patent Tank

In 1957,  Rheinmetall filed a patent that looks eerily similar to the one shown in WG Fest. They patented a structure on top of the turret that can make its gun depress lower. While it’s not the exact same tank, they do share some features, but differ in other ways. The turret used an odd oscillating-ish type of turret. The structure moved with the gun so the turret can stay at a relatively low height without sacrificing depression. One of the few differences I could find is the one piece upper front plate on the patent compared to the two piece upper front plate on the photograph in WG Fest. This tank was probably a project Rheinmetall was working on and patented the feature by using a vague schematic of the real project. This tank may have a new type of turret that we haven’t seen in WoT as of yet.

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T-100 Light Tank

This is a Soviet light tank project from 1964. According to the schematic below, the tank weighs about 15 tons and carries a crew of three. Its main armament is a 100mm gun that fire HE, HEAT, and ATGMs. It can go up to a speed of 65 km/h and has an acceleration of 20 hp/t. The upper front plate consist of 100mm + 70mm and the turret front is 180mm. Everywhere else is relatively weak. It can carry 40 regular rounds and 4-6 ATGMs. Like the XM551, I expect to see some ATGMs.

Translated by Woras.

Type 62/105mm L7 Light Tank

This tank should be taken with a large grain of salt. Its possible that this could be a similar situation to the 121B. I haven’t seen anything on the existence of a Type 62 mounting the 105mm L7 with the cast turret. This isn’t a Type 62G since it lacks the welded turret and it’s a very recent modification from the 2000’s. If Kongzhong claims this tank existed before the 80’s we can assuredly say this tank may be another Kongzhong fake. The Chinese didn’t recieve the 105mm L7 until the 1980’s.