New Chinese Tanks from WG Fest

New Chinese tanks were unveiled at WG Fest. I believe the top one is a Type 59 or Type 69/79 with a licensed 105mm L7 while the bottom one is reminiscent of the real life WZ-132 with a gun that looks similar to the Type 62G’s gun. Lastly, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Type 79-ish tank might be a 121 replacement since the tank, as far as I know, might be a Kongzhong fake.

Edit: I now believe that this is the WZ-120 with an HD model, however, the 122mm gun is now exchanged for a 105mm L7.

2nd Edit: The top picture has strangely thin tracks for a Chinese MBT. This is probably a late Type 62 with a 105mm L7 which also means that this could be a Chinese tier 10 light.