Holiday Ops – Official Info

It’s time to push towards the festive frontlines and meet the holiday season with all guns blazing. With the New Year knocking on the hatch, it’s about time that World of Tanks answered. This year, you can expect an even extravaganza with the unique Holiday Ops.

Holiday Ops runs from December 16 06:00 CEST (UTC +1) to January 16 06:00 CEST (UTC +1). Your mission, if you choose to accept it: decorate your New Year Tree and “Snowitzer” tank, spread some holiday joy, and while you’re at it, improve your alchemy skills!

Explore the full list of Holiday Ops quests and missions. Try not to get buried under the presents, though.

Spread the Cheer and Earn Rewards

So, just how ready are you for World of Tanks’s festive season? It’s easy to find out now with Holiday Ops’ very special “Festive Atmosphere.” It has 10 levels through which to progress, each with a crate of goodies. In the Garage, you’ll find your very own New Year Tree and a KV-2 Snowitzer. Your mission this holiday season is to decorate them right in-game. The more items adorn your tree and tank, and the higher your Festive Atmosphere level, and the better the rewards you receive.

Every new level will earn you a full crate of rewards, including discounts on fresh-off-the-line Swedish tank destroyers!

Decorate the Tree and Snowitzer

How can you get garlands, baubles and cones? You’re going to have to fight for them: complete special missions in Random battles (available in the “Missions” menu, “Holiday Ops” tab).

Each mission will earn you a box with 3 decorations and a special present from us. Prepare to be surprised! You never know what’s inside: premium consumables or maybe Personal Reserves.

Decorations come in a variety of styles and forms. Divided into 5 levels, depending on the complexity of the mission, they also fall into 8 types: 4 for the tree and just as many for the Snowitzer. The higher the difficulty level, the fancier the set of items you get, and the bigger the boost to your Festive Atmosphere. Awaiting you at Level 5 are epic decorations, including the golden Type-59, the Rasp, and more!

New Year Tree (12 slots) Snowitzer (4 slots)
Toppers Front decorations
Pendants Turret decorations
Garlands Side decorations
Tree skirt decorations Camo

Decorations for your New Year Tree and Snowitzer include traditional themes like snowflakes, garlands, and stockings, or you can spice things up with fun World of Tanks references like the Game Balance Apparatus or 8-Bit Karl, or go military with a T-34-85 Trinket or a helmet. It’s totally up to you which style to choose, just keep in mind that sticking to one theme with all tree or Snowitzer decorations will give you a bigger boost to Festive Atmosphere. And one more thing: tree decorations won’t work for the Snowitzer, and vice-versa.

To decorate, simply click on the tree or Snowitzer in the Garage, or choose the Snowitzer in the vehicle carousel and drag and drop items to designated slots.

There’s no need to launch the game to check how your Tree and Snowitzer look now. You can do it in your personal profile on the portal.

Try Merry Mixology

The holidays wouldn’t be happy without a bit of magic! In Holiday Ops, that starts when you first collect five decorations of the same level: they form a truly explosive combo and become a decoration of a higher level. And the magic doesn’t stop there! Try mixing different types (of the same level) in the decoration menu. If a recipe clicks, you’ll get a whole new item.

Make sure you’re wrapped up warm when you head into battle this holiday season, because there are tons of missions to complete, gifts to discover, and prizes to get your hands on. Just remember to spread a little holiday cheer while you’re sending the enemy to the scrap heap. And stay tuned, because we’ll be announcing more surprises soon!