– 2 New Flags

2 new flags have been added to the client in today. No news on the WoWS Website about them.


Un-identified flag:
No apparent identity to what this flag is. Will update this post if the flag’s purpose gets clarified.

Wargaming Fest Flag:
This flag more then likely will be only availiable to attendees of Wargaming Fest.

IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA]


7 thoughts on “ – 2 New Flags

  1. Datamining the update i found more flags.

    http://imgur.com/a/S5vcF, these ones, the first one, the green, was already on the client, the red and the blue was added in this micropatch.

    They’re called Volunteer_2 and Volunteer_3, the green one was just Volunteer and they have bonuses! (Volunteer 3 = +5% XP, Crew XP, credits, Volunteer 2 = +5% xp and crew xp)

    The other one you guys don’t know is the King of the sea flag (+15% credits and +50% crew xp)

    The WGFest 2016 is a hidden award too, expect a new mission or something like that very soon.

    The rest of the changes are: tons of AA modules swaped on Missouri (the 20mm ones) and some bastion buildings changes. Shinonome and Missouri got reclassified from demo without status to special, aka, removed the “soon” thing.


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