Q&A – 6th December 2016

Big thanks to Vladimir for translating.

Anton (Evilly) Pankov (today is his birthday by the way):
– Can you answer whether or not there will be a third phase of testing? – Even if yes, only a minimal one. The current test version is basically final, only one detail is missing, more on that later.
– T95E2 has 181mm of penetration, 59-Patton has 190mm although having the same turret etc., any plans to change that? – Yes, it’s planned.
– What about adding T26E5 to lists for player comparison? And the IS-5 cannot be compared in the garage. – Will be added.
– You’re buffing vertical angles on the 50B due to the Kranvagn introduction, what about something similar on the T57? – There are plans on it, but not for this version and not for the next. The tank is okay overall, but needs some fine-tuning.
– We see a string of buffs for premium tanks, which is logical and makes sense, but what about obvious cases like the T-34-85M? Many people bought it, but it’s not that good, then came the Rudy and the ones who bought the M are arsed. – We’ll do something about the M later.

 – Bonus system for “oldfags” is being worked on, it’s not only for Alpha-Beta testers, but for “oldfags” in general.

Konstantin (Foton64rus) Soldatov:
– I’ll share a secret: female crew voices were recorded, but we didn’t like them.
– Our current policy is to finish a change, a feature, and then start talking about it. We don’t want 2014 to repeat itself: Havok, HD tanks being remade for 2,5 years. All other companies make their product and then talk about it upon release, in our case people want to always know everything at once beforehand, even if we didn’t start working on it, but they’re sure it will be done. This created false expectations (Seb: I see nothing wrong with a little bit of hype).
– T-54 first prot. – nothing planned on it now, it might change in the future.
– Panther/M10 – buff for lower level tanks will come later. We’re currently working on the tier 8 ones.
– E-25 is not supposed to be sold.
– No information on New Year yet, be patient.
– We have 620-630k online users at peak times currently, it’s less than last year. We’re awaiting growth during New Year as usual.
– New unique camos for tanks are a good idea. We really want to make customization, but not right now. We’re currently working on other problems – balance, artillery.
– 2nd American MT branch is far, far away and not a priority.