WoWS: Fate of ARP Ships

Thanks to Babykim, EU

On the fate of ARP ships by developer kindly

It will not be possible to obtain the ARP ships after 2016, and the Yokosuka port will not be available in the client. All ships available to the player will remain in port, selectable using a carrousel filter. The filter will function as the Yokosuka port, i.e. selecting would allow the player seeing the ARP camouflage and effects in port as well as in battle, unselecting the filter will hide the ships in port and give them historical appearance in battle.

I am sorry if this is well-known (posted on 16.11), but I have missed it.

18 thoughts on “WoWS: Fate of ARP Ships

  1. Can\’t they allow us to sell these dumb ships so we can get more port slots? ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Pretty sure they don\’t. I got Reserve slots for the Captains, but no Port slots.

          1. They do, because if you complete an ARP mission for a ship you already have, you get one free slot. Besides, the ships need a slot to sit in, regardless if it\’s ARP ships, rental ships, premium or normal ships. Same applies in Tanks ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. Well, I still have the mission for Hiei open which I already have, so I\’ll see soon enough.

              Still, looking at the mission rewards there is still no mention of port slots, only Reserve slots.

  2. So that means if you unselect the filter you gonna have a proper Atago instead of the girlie Takao ?

    1. No, the Takao will disappear from your port. What it means is that you will only see standard Takaos, Myokos and Kongos during matches.

      1. Erm, I mean Atago in that last sentence obviously. Unless they do show up as Takao? Is the normal Takao still in the game files? I\’ve heard it was a tech tree ship during alpha.

        1. They dissapear completely, you don\’t see a normal atago in port. You will however see other takaos as atagos in battle.

  3. dam that sucks so much i love my ARP ships….hell half my WoT tanks have anime skins for them too lol oh well

    1. Well, people think differently, I\’m happy to get rid of my Hello Kitty ships ..

  4. Noooo…..They better leave that on ASIA server, weebos like myself want it. I still haven\’t got ARP Takao to FAP #halfSacarsm

    I guess the High School Fleet collaboration is coming soon?

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