[0.5.15 PT] Official Admiral Graf Spee Stats

Can be changed in the future.

  • Tier: VI
  • Hitpoints: 39400
  • Belt Armor: 100mm
  • Bow Armor: 19mm
  • Torpedo Damage Reduction: 22%
  • Max Speed: 28.5knots
  • Turning Circle: 680m
  • Rudder Shift: 10.3s
  • Detectability by sea: 12.7km
  • Detectability by air: 8.5km

Main Battery

  • Configuration: 2×3 283mm
  • Reload: 20s
  • Turn: 25s
  • Dispersion: 182m
  • HE damage: 3200
  • Fire chance: 20%
  • AP damage: 8400
  • Range: 16km
  • Shell speed: 910m/s (both)

Secondary Battery: 3×2 105mm + 8×1 150mm (both fire HE and have 4km range)

Torpedoes: 2×4 533mm G7 Steinbutt

  • Damage: 13700
  • Range: 8km
  • Speed: 65 knots
  • Detectability: 1.3km
  • Reload: 90s

AA Guns

  • 10×1 20mm: 30 dps @ 2.0km
  • 4×2 37mm: 10 dps @ 3.5km
  • 3×2 105mm: 50 dps @ 4.5km

Equipment slots: Default tier 6 cruiser, nothing special.

Permacamo: Default tier 6 premium with +50% EXP.


  • Slot 1: Damage Control
  • Slot 2: German Hydro/Defensive fire
  • Slot 3: Catapult Fighter
  • Slot 4: Repair Party

13 thoughts on “[0.5.15 PT] Official Admiral Graf Spee Stats

  1. its says cruiser but these would be the biggest cruiser guns in the game but at tier 6? im finding it difficult to believe this isnt a bb.


  2. Those gun characteristics are a bit weird. The reload time should be 23 seconds, and AP shell damage should be lower than those used on Scharnhorst due to being lighter.

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          1. She got six guns in two turrets, overlapping only when showing broadside. Most of the time, she can thus only use one turret, aka 3 guns. What WarGaming is doing there is called balancing. Giving Spee terrible accuracy, would leave that beauty in the same place that Mikasa is and the game doesn’t need another Mikasa.


            1. I know this, but always hoping for better dispersion on my loved Scharnhorst. 😉

              And it would fit better with dispersion between 203 mm and 356 mm guns, for logical reasons. I can however accept more dispersion due to longer range, 16 km vs 20 km, that’s 25% up, so 182 x 125% would be 228 m even if this math is flawed.

              But guess we won’t see this due to balancing reasons even if it would make more sense.


  3. In the current meta of the game, I think the Graf Spee belongs on Tier V and not VI.
    She is too slow on Tier VI, which actually was not the case in reality at the time she was designed and put into service. She was famous to either be superior in armor and fire power or faster than her adversaries and could outrun them.
    I am not sure if I gonna like her or not with these stats, for sure WG is again putting themselves in a problematic position regarding to game balance due to self-imposed rules (partly useless) like gun development consistencies over the tiers just to not confuse players O_o

    The Eugen was already a big disappointment,
    the Graf Spee seems to be unique, true, but I fear she might frustrate at this tier in the current meta.

    Well, we will see


  4. So its a Nurmberg w.bigger guns and a repair party?
    Able to (in theory) out gun whatever it can not out run?

    11 inch guns that will bounce off the bow of any angled tier 6 BB?
    And with an armor layout that begs for criticals from any light cruiser with AP along with
    a ruddershift time that make a mockery of what a CL would call Manuverability …

    AS for the “Oops wrong guns characteristics”

    the shineyhorse can consistently bounce shells when used correctly.
    Giving it nice guns too and start up the “More WG PAY2WIN bullshit” riots

    So nowr you can use the G.Spee and have nice guns on a boat that Will get shot out from under you when you make any mistake.


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