Premium Tank Rental – New Tested Feature

The tank rental feature is currently being tested. After its rental, the premium tank can be bought with a discount. At the moment, 7 day and 30 day rentals are available. Each next rental is cheaper.

Screencaps (only in Russian at the moment, unfortunately):


13 thoughts on “Premium Tank Rental – New Tested Feature

      1. For the crew, it would be interesting to test new skill setups, but for Tier X tanks, no thanks. More than enough 0k battle tomatoes are runnig with IS-6 and Löwe already, I don’t need them in Tier X tanks as well.


    1. NA gets rentals all the time just for playing. Decent idea to keep population on half dead server. And lots of pubbies to farm in T8’s and T9’s, one guy 3-marked a T8 tank in ~40 battles during rentals :D


  1. The idea is good, the only problem is WG refusing to put new premium tanks in the ingame shop for a while, instead they just add them in premium shop as limited special offers, so good luck renting the remaining few ancient old premium tanks ingame.


  2. Still you can try them out on test server for free.

    I tested the buffed premiums and i have to say M4 Rev is amazing (i don’t know how it is on live server). FV4202 is like Cent I now, STA-2 is as good as STA-1…
    WZ-111 is also much better now.

    I don’t know about Lowe… i needs to get that horrible mobility and DPM buffed because this tank simply can’t compete with others.
    Same goes for T34… both have this “first iteration” premium nerfs that really make them inflexible and boring to play.
    I mean jut look at how flexible and fun the new meta premiums are. They all have pen as good as Lowe, armor much better, better depression, much higher DPM and they are actually useful (but ugly)


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