Wargaming, SEGA and Creative Assembly Announce Strategic Partnership

Source: http://wargaming.com/

New publishing label Wargaming Alliance to see free-to-play title, Total War: ARENA as first release

Wargaming, SEGA and Creative Assembly announced today a new strategic partnership that will see Total War: ARENA published worldwide¹ as the first title released by the newly created publishing label, Wargaming Alliance. Wargaming Alliance is dedicated to providing third-party publishers and developers the tools, resources and platform to enter the highly competitive free-to-play gaming market along with access to Wargaming’s substantial subscriber base of over 100 million gamers.

Total War, one of the key pillars of the SEGA business, is one of the most successful and influential strategy franchises of all time, mixing massive battles with deep tactical and strategic elements. Total War: ARENA, developed by Creative Assembly, brings those franchise tenets into the world of free-to-play gaming by blending the series’ trademark strategic experiences with intense 10-vs-10 player battles. Creative Assembly’s expertise, combined with Wargaming’s proven track-record in the free-to-play market, makes Total War: ARENA the perfect fit for Wargaming Alliance.

“SEGA is constantly exploring ways in which its diverse range of IPs can be brought to a wider gaming audience,” said Jurgen Post, President and COO at SEGA Europe. “This strategic partnership with Wargaming, to release Total War: ARENA as the first game on the Wargaming Alliance platform, presents a unique opportunity for Creative Assembly’s eagerly anticipated creation to realize its full potential. Working with Wargaming, a market leader in the free-to-play space, and by utilizing their extensive experience and expertise in this area, SEGA is confident that Total War: ARENA will become the worldwide hit it deserves to be.”

“For more than a decade, the Total War franchise has been the standard-bearer of strategy gaming thanks to its trademark gameplay and a focus on authenticity. The free-to-play market is an exciting new opportunity for the franchise and in the last year we have seen great potential with Total War: ARENA,” said Tim Heaton, Studio Director at Creative Assembly. “The partnership with Wargaming Alliance is a perfect match of proven strategy gaming brands. We are excited to collaborate with the creators of the globally successful World of Tanks in bringing Total War: ARENA to gamers.”

“For the past seven years, Wargaming has worked hard to establish itself as an industry leader in publishing games within the free-to-play area,” said Vladimir Makarychev, Head of Wargaming Alliance. “Through the Wargaming Alliance label we hope to share our knowledge with other companies entering this highly competitive landscape and are extremely excited to partner with SEGA and Creative Assembly to ensure Total War: ARENA is a resounding success.”

Wargaming Alliance gives third-party companies access to the unique expertise and knowledge of the online free-to-play market that Wargaming has amassed over the years, the company’s multimillion loyal player community, and the best practices in free-to-play game promotion and operation. Partners will benefit from a global team of seasoned specialists covering all areas of game publishing from customer support through to marketing and community management. The platform also has a physical presence in all key markets and delivers a unique approach to regional publishing activities, tailored to local audiences.

¹ With the exception of China.

Seb: I like this a lot since Shogun II: Total War (FoTS) is one of my favorite games.


16 thoughts on “Wargaming, SEGA and Creative Assembly Announce Strategic Partnership

  1. With the way the Total War franchise is heading, and WG pricing policies, enjoy overpriced “microtransactions” for basic things that should have been in the base game/free, or are blatant P2W.

    Looking at you “elite unit packs” you buy for 5-10€ and 2€ blood DLC, which is literally something you pay for to make the blood and gore button reappear in the options menu.

    All this partnership needs is EA’s grubby hands and you’ll have the perfect triumvirate of bullshit microtransaction gaming.

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    1. Well, I only bought the unit packs for multiplayer to be honest, single-player at least is free. As for the blood pack, I don’t plan to get it anytime soon.

      G2A is your friend, you save a lot of money you can reinvest in unit packs.


          1. Just some old news for you. If you keep buying games on G2A , fine by me. Just keep in mind that you might not supporting the right person. Key are “legit”, just the person who is selling them, might didn’t get those keys in legit way (aka with credit card frauds or other kinds of frauds). I am surprised that you don’t know about this. https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/4phq19/whats_happening_with_all_this_drama_surrounding/


            1. I know about that and I am perfectly fine with it. You see, I come from a 2nd world country where people take stuff as movies and games for granted. We even have a national private torrent tracker. Buying games like this is the only way we can afford. We earn 250 euro/month, try buying games with this wage and not starving yourself.


      1. you guys are mixing games, “Total War: Arena” is free to play on which you have “tech trees” based on different historical factions (Romans, Spartans, Macedonians [Alexander The Great], etc…)
        on those tech trees you can pick different generals, like Julius Ceaser or Alexander The Great, and unlock units, and their equipment, through the “good old” grinding

        at the same time they have some premium units that are somewhat balanced the same way premium tanks used to be balanced in WoT (no superior to “normal” units but with different characteristics)

        some of these premium units are added in a interesting way since IRL they were often mercenary soldiers and ingame they are present on the tech trees from the nations that are historicaly known to have requested their services, like the Cretan Archers on the Spartan tech tree (because the Spartans believed a bow wasn’t a man’s weapon and because of that hired mercenary archers)

        what you guys are mixing is the “normal” “Total War” series (Rome/II, Shogun I/II, Empire, Napoleon, Atiila, etc…) on which you have the main factions unlocked on purchase, for both campaign and online battles, and later they release some DLCs with less important factions or even units for already existing factions, they are seen as less important because even after purchasing them players rarely use such factions in online battles


  2. …..total war
    10 v 10
    …………..ok either everyone controls one unit and thus its not total war anymore

    everyone controls small units or a small collection of units. and thus its not total war anymore

    total war is known for giant armies clashing. which it can barely handling when in co-op mode.
    now add 8 more and keep in mind if one person d/c’s. it freezes for everyone.

    so this sounds terrible

    also…WG’s “proven track record with f2p”
    *holds up WoWP* yeah…..cause that did soooooo well
    *holds up WoT’s massive list of complains, lack of balance, apologies and false promises from devs* proven record huh?

    *holds up WoWS* why am i holding this up? cause WG can’t find the balance between cruisers, destroyers ,and battleships.

    now imagine a Total War game where one faction is laughably stronger or has stronger units. yeeaaaaahhhhh….not really good for total war

    Creative Assembly should ignore WG, and look at what made Shogun 2 great, as well as what they did right with Total War Warhammer. they don’t need WG pulling them down.

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    1. Well ofc, people can’t even read and see the difference between publisher and developer.

      TW: Arena works in beta for quite a while and is developed by CA, WG is just gonna publish it, no influence on the development.

      But I guess it’s worth it to write half a page crying about WG fucking up game than to read the article itself.


      1. The problem is not they publishing, but their business model, I have to pay close to 1/3 of minimal wage of my country to buy a tier 8 premium, imagine this on total war arena.

        I belive some companies have a better model, or at least fair to the customers

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