T26E5 Patriot is missing 13mm of left side turret armor

Found out by Gwennifer

The Patriot is missing the track links both visually and on the collision model, which adds 13mm of turret armor to the left side of it; where the loader sits.

The left side of the turret is very sloped anyway, so it’s not going to make a difference. 89 vs 102mm on the thin layer of the turret side.

MeatheadMilitia from WGNA replied:

We’re aware of this and we’ll have more information on this in the future.


13 thoughts on “T26E5 Patriot is missing 13mm of left side turret armor

  1. Surely this would only be a problem if one had the visual tracks and no armour or the armour and no visual tracks. The fact that both are missing suggests it is intentional. It also suggests that someone at WG put some actual effort in.


  2. Don’t care much about this, won’t make a difference on the battlefield. If you are exposing your side, you are doing it wrong anyway. How does the turretfront look like in the livemodel? It isn’t on tanks.gg already and I woud like to know how tough the mantlet is… If it can bounce IS-3 goldshells, it will be a decent strongholds or teambattle tank.


    1. Honestly, I can really see this used like the T32 in strongholds in more mobile setups, it’s faster, has nice armour (Mantlet is near impenetrable iirc) , has higher DPM than the T32, part that might suck is the 259mm HEAT, which would struggle against IS-3’s blackhole. Still a solid damage tank in medium setups


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