New RanZar video


12 thoughts on “New RanZar video

  1. As we can see in video – thats a 300-800WN adult who got premium account and gold camo, and dont even know to stay hidden in Borsig :D
    And T49 – it can and will miss even from such distance (never again complaining about AW accuracies – even worst accuracy is better than half of tanks in WoT :D)

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    1. Check out the Hitman episode, iirc it’s name is Kill Lee.

      Also RanZar is Russian and his main audience is the Russian playerbase. It would look kinda stupid for them if Russians would lose in the videos and Germans would win.

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    1. yes i was just about that.
      Finally FV4202, that thing was just slow as hell.
      Also i wonder what they will do with Lowe… i mean i was just about ready to say something about depresion on the forums but i guess others already suggested -10 (which is the best thing ever).
      But the most interesting things are those – “increased LGP, UGP and turret armor”
      I guess LGP == lower glacis, UGP == upper glacis plate… but how much ???
      130 ? 140 ? maybe 150 ?
      And turret, i mean that thing is already strong so buffing turret armor could make it as effective as those of Americans.

      I have to say i can’t wait to see what they actually changed.


    2. uh and look at WZ-111 – “gains thicker turret armor and thicker lower glacis plate…”
      So they might actually make it as good as the 112 is now.

      I guess the plan is to make the old premium tanks as good as the standard tanks are (which seems fair imo.)


    3. 4202 still a whopping 40km/h, if it has the same gun as it used to be on t10 then is still v.good on t8, but since that punny 20pdr on a slow MT, it will be useless as current state.

      All the British 20pdr ammo need to be cheaper, and it seems WG never understand this.


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