WoT – War Child Armistice

War Child Website


Seb: I already bought some of those new emblems from here and I advise you to do so too. Peace is priceless, especially in our time.


47 thoughts on “WoT – War Child Armistice

  1. How about fuck it? While the ultra rich and their minions incite wars and make the profit (e.g. bombing kids in Jemen) we are of course responsible for the fallout. No thx.

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  2. “Glories of war”! You WHAT? WTF IS “Glories of war”?
    I survived a war unscathed(as a kid) and guess what I did not hear from anyone who fought in it?
    Damned retards, also FUCK WAR AND THOSE WHO PROFIT FROM IT.
    Hint; who the hell started this current crap?

    Turns out I’m a child still.
    Either all of this is meant to do the most damage possible everywhere or the goverements are completely incompetent.

    /rant over

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    1. Also it would be interesting to see what percentage does the actual charity get and where exactly will the money go. Hint; some charities spend 96% of donations on themselves.

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  3. im not really sure how to think about peace time. i mean sure, its nice we are living in a fragile peace so we can play war games. on the other hand, war games are created because of war. just like how world of tanks is making money off millions of deaths from world war 2, and battlefield 1 is making money from the tens of millions of deaths of world war 1.

    i live in the netherlands. the closest thing i have to a war are the conversations between our political leaders, which mostly end in ‘vote for me, im older’, sadly enough.

    medal of honor tier 1 was created DURING the actual conflict in iraq. the game was supposed to be banished from many countries, havnt they changed the name terrorist to freedom fighter in the game. it also took place in those ‘countries in conflict’. thats why alot of people took offense to it.

    im only waiting to see if ea games or any other developer will make a game that is based on the war happening in syria.

    but for now, i must say, in all my ignorance, i love war. war brings me games. and i enjoy games. so i enjoy war.

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    1. I remember how somebody wanted to make a game based off Iraqi War, Six Days in Falluyah or smth. That was, ugh, 8 years ago? In the end they didn’t make it, since it was “too soon” for a public. Not like I’m surprised, all I’m trying to say is that there won’t be anything concerning Syria, atleast not in next decade.


  4. i probably shouldnt but i will. i take no offense to hitler. i dont know hitler, i got no grudges against him. my grandparents were living in the middle of the netherlands and didnt had anything to worry about. i only read about hitler in books, i only see him inside movies, some of them are even comedy. hitler, as much as a criminal he was, is even exploited for COMEDY. no matter how you look at it, a world war is providing entertainment for the future.

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    1. Even if we wanted to spend our overly filled pockets on this (possible) money-grab, it’s not even available in NA
      Also why must everyone’s response be filled with hate for people from other countries? I have no problems with Europeans.

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      1. Not other countries.
        People think that USA is synonymous with the scum who manufactured madness in the mideast for profit.
        Take a look at wikileaks to understand what is happening.


        1. Unfortunately true. And Eastern Europe dislikes the US for not attacking the soviets and saving the countries ww2 was started for (czechoslovakia, poland), which is a shame. Romanians waited for American bombers and had resistance groups in the mountains until the late 50s. Even Moldova had a dissident intelectual group that wanted union with us ;_;

          Best solution for East Europe is the Intermarium concept. Google it.

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          1. Live and let live is never on the table for some politicians.
            The best solution would be if politicians would stop inventing damn wars.


              1. I had an idea like that ages ago….

                Small island; lotsa small arms; very little food.
                Paradise Island, only warmongers welcome.


  5. Well if US wouldnt support the anti-assad in syria then there would be no fucking war and no refugee crisit either. Why they didnt support assad I dont know. Assad is good lider and cares about the people just like hitler.

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    1. you seem like a perfect candidate for the catholic church. why dont you go to rome? i hear its beautiful there right now, with earthquakes and hurricanes. would be perfect for you :D

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  6. I don’t like war. I like Sun Tzu a lot though for saying that the best victory you should strive for is made without firing a single bullet. War = worst case scenario and I agree to the fullest. With the decline of European birth rates it would have horrible consequences for our nations. So we should help those kids, that they become the future leaders promoting peace.

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      1. and a decline of birth rates can easily be solved. i even volunteer to have lots and lots of sex with lots and lots of different women :D


    1. Why do only those Eu countriues which have a positive rate take refugee kids then? E.g. sweden? Doesnt make any fucking sense patrol-kid. Maybe you are kid as well.


      1. Why don’t the major 5 Gulf states take them? Oh that’s right they consider refugees & asylum seekers a national security threat!

        Why doesn’t East Asia take its “fair share” of asylum seekers?

        Why don’t they make financial donations on the same level that the EU, US have?

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        1. The richer East Asia countries will never take any asylum seekers just because they are not involved in the middle east conflicts that US & NATO did.

          Humans are selfish after all.


  7. Peace never going to happen as dad as this sounds it won’t, for one the control of resources controls power, for two religion, for three it is the biggest industry in the world.

    War will never stop the exploitation of the masses by the select few will never cease. Just look at Africa all the trillions spent in Aid yet the status quo of war is maintained…..!

    As for what WG are doing they’re just exploiting this for positive PR. Why only donate the net profits? Why not all of the money?

    If you want to donate to Warchild do it directly then at least all of your money goes there. And if you do it in my country the Gov will also chip in.

    Ps I think charitable donations basically is you are pissing into a leaky bucket!

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