New RanZar video


7 thoughts on “New RanZar video

  1. Another Ranzar strip where i ask myself: And what does this have to do with World of Tanks? I’ll never understand how you can waste potential like that. The drawings are good, the animations are good, the sound is good, music too… and then we get a tank that waves around an frikking’ axe and other weirdass shit instead of digging into this near endless vein of humor that your garden variety WoT pub-matches produce… /sigh.


  2. It has tanks from WoT?

    Keep on mind he has made like what? 150 – 200 episodes? Even with colorful WoT pub-matches i dont see it being very easy to have 150 – 200 episodes with fresh ideas from WoT pub matches. This is mostly to show off new Swedish tank in Ranzar’s way. He has always done episodes like that when 1st premium of new nation has arrived.

    Why does every 150 – 200 episodes he has made need to be directly from game? All that is important is that it has tanks from the game.


    1. Weak argument. There are how many WoT-Vids out there in youtube? Even the RNG-Style stuff alone will easily get into these numbers, and i still watch and laugh if they’re well done. I wouldn’t even mind most of the weird ass shit, you could easily fuse this together with the game itself and get tons of laughs out of it.

      Just take “Rheinmetall Frankenstein” and his “Monster auf E100” in Himmelsdorf: That, as a Halloween themed strip with said monster barging out of the Himmelsdorf castle after the reanimation scene; Clipping two tanks (match bullets shot and the tanks destroyed in a way it really could happen in the game) while everyone else screams and hides until they realize “it has to reload” – Followed by a mob (tier8+ tanks) you can very briefly see (totally senselessy) swapping the tree logs and other crap on their hulls for pitchforks and torches, which then proceed to shoot the poor monster down in your typical “Greed eats brain” style that you see so often. So. It’s weird ass but still very strongly connected to the game. You could do something similiar with the Hellcat/Chaffee combo or some of the other ideas. Just weave it into the game, instead of skinning the whole thing and draping the skin over something that is imho pretty much a parasite (it has nothing do do with WoT – But it got WoT-Tanks!!11!!!! *clickclickclicklickbaitclickclickclick*).


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