New Sandbox Phase Coming Soon?

The Sandbox test server recieved a database update, installed additional plug-ins, access is now denied for all forum/portal/auxiliary services, even for participants. No more details are known.


27 thoughts on “New Sandbox Phase Coming Soon?

    1. So they can test classic fuckery like spermium tanks and new branches on the supertest and then more serious fuckery on the sandpaperbox.

      I personally like the idea of sandbox because it lets them go to the extremes and try completely new things.
      Now do that on the supertest and everybody goes insane, people digging their eyes out, jumping off 10 story buildings, rape culture, LGBT riots, feminist killings, beheadings, all lives matter, black lives matter… things we can’t even imagine !

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        1. Yes there were shitstorms but after explanation in a video i think things calmed down… simply because they were able to say “things on sandbox are just experiments and might never come to live servers” something among those lines.
          On supertest they test things that are about to hit the test servers and then live servers.


          1. In my oppinion this was clear from the begionning but hey poeple love to get emotional :P

            Hope for the 2nd one this will be clear for everyone… and that i can get on it again… ^^


  1. In theory everything in supertest should make it into the game, it’s a late state of development.

    Sandbox is for testing out concepts which will probably be changed greatly or discarded entirely.


  2. WG Minsk Staff A: Did you see those morons at TAP/Non-Russian community moaning about sandbox again, what shall we do?

    Staff B: Buff IS-6.

    Staff C: Leak some rumors to keep them hype, but in fact we ain’t gonna do anything.

    Staff 42: Fix arty mechanics asap.

    (Staff 42 got kick out of the window)

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  3. The entire point of sandbox is for them to test out new ideas and see if it breaks there game. Like for example the nerf to camo of the bushes and td’s and remove a lot of the bushes. That made heavy tanks more viable with the td’s and LT’s main strength being gone. So it basically buff Heavy tanks and broke to other classes of tanks. The sandbox is there to ensure that don’t happen again. That is where it will go to see if it will break the game.

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    1. But first phase of sandbox made heavies much stronger than they are on live server (limited prem ammo, horrible shell dispersion (have fun hitting weakspots), retarded shell pen dropoff (you want to use your mobility and bushes/viewrange perhaps? well fuck you, your shell has half of it’s pen at long ranges. also horrible shell dispersion like said earlier so you don’t even hit, if you hit you don’t pen) and arty stun (it fucked meds more, because they lost their mobility and DPM – things that they have over HT, HT that were stunned still retain their armor).

      75% of ideas implemented on sandbox were just plain retarded and everybody with common sense should know they won’t work and rest 25% were decent ideas implemented badly (viewrange nerfs, premium ammo changes, arty rework).


  4. They fuck up what they touch. Stupid company, with stupid name on top with mostly stupid ideologies and developers.

    We want to make the game as real is possible with tanks. Caernarvon tank had original Centurion tuerret, but they call it underperformer so it has to have AX turret. Dicks.

    I can roll tank on the surface which is right anglet to my tracks – like buildings. When i hit a rock, my tank just press full gass or what… no traction. Once i fell of cliff in that D -Day map and my tank survived with full hp, and once i hit a little hole in ground with LTTB and tank just exploded with full hp. Fucking game this one is. Thay sayed that tey want to make game like mostly players want… fucking joke.

    If i had not invested so mutch time and money to this piece of shit. I will be laughting my ass off. Holy fuck, this was a waste of time playing this shit.

    But at last, i can play with my cousin once per weekend, and it’s fun. Only this feature is good i believe.


    1. “They fuck up what they touch.”

      In the last few patches they seriously improved the game.

      “We want to make the game as real is possible with tanks.”

      When will people get it that this is a fucking ARCADE game? Go to the army if you want realism.

      “once i hit a little hole in ground with LTTB and tank just exploded with full hp”

      This was fixed in like 9.13.

      “If i had not invested so mutch time and money to this piece of shit. I will be laughting my ass off. Holy fuck, this was a waste of time playing this shit.”

      Did someone hold a gun to your head and forced you to play and pay?


      1. *fucking ARCADE game?*

        So why is there Personnel Rating for every player
        a Win Rate for Victories
        Average Experience in battles
        and etc.-

        I think you have a different idea of arcade game than the millions of highly competitive people that play this game, its the ‘realism’ of actual tanks that’s addictive, and the game costs actual real money for everyone ~ except the Russian server players free for them

        Not child based Arcade gameplay by a long way


        1. So which part of PR , WR and average experience appear to be realistic to you? I don’t see simulators use any of that, I only see arcade games use that system?

          “except the Russian server players free for them”
          Pure comedy.

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    2. “make the game as real is possible with tanks.”

      Either go play WarThunder Simulator mode or join the army is the solution for you m8


  5. Why can’t pro players balance the game?
    Seems like we have way more knowledge of the game than those “breakthrough vehicle”-experts :l

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