Strv 103B: Armor Review

Source: Platypusbill, Wotlabs

In short:

-The entire front except a tiny cupola is immune to sub-120mm AP/APCR.

-HEAT should only be used if you can’t overmatch with AP/APCR, the effect of the spaced armour is substantial. You can penetrate a narrow section along the middle with HEAT, but tracking and flanking it is a better idea unless terrain/other enemies prevent this.

-150mm+ guns can penetrate almost the entire front with AP/APCR.

-120mm+ guns can penetrate the entire LFP, but only a small part of the UFP, with AP/APCR.


8 thoughts on “Strv 103B: Armor Review

  1. Sigh. He’s a bit confused about overmatch mechanics. You a caliber MORE than 3x the armor thickness

    Entire front both upper and lower plate is immune to 120mm guns and lower. Almost the entire upper plate is immune to 150mm guns except for a small strip where the gun is mounted. Lower 1/3rd of upper plate is immune to everything except 183mm AP.

    Best way to pen this is by using a 122mm or higher gun and shoot the lower plate.


    1. Or simply let the broken game mechanic shit on it. Would love to get this machine and play around with its unique mechanics, but from what i see in the vids, it will die pretty quickly in roughly 3/4 of the matches (3 arties present). Sixth sense takes ~3 seconds, getting out of siege mode takes ~2 seconds, thats more than enough time for one of the atrocities to correct aim and smash you dead :( So you’re basically restricted to redline sniping, or are kind of depending on the enemy arties being too dumb to target you, and thats no fun….


  2. Aim centermass: gun damaged or destroyed on almost every hit.
    I have a 3 skill crew, xp and credits ready to free XP all the way to the Strv 103B but will get that TD only for the challenge it is going to present due to its limitations.


  3. In reality it looks like that S-Tank will be immune to any shell except HE. Good luck aiming those small weakspots and hit them properly even with big guns. Pen drop, RNG and that spaced pile of crap will eat and bounce 90% of all shells you throw at it with ease.
    I really want to test this one in the CT.

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