WoWS: Slight PvE Economy Alterations

Source:ElPozoleOlmeca, NA Community Coordinator
We have received feedback from our PvE players that the recent economic changes have widened the gap between the earnings and the now static repair costs in PvE matches. Our economy calculations were designed mainly for PvP and it is possible that the change could have an unintended effect on battles played in PvE. While we’re investigating the matter and deciding on a further course of action, we have decided to return approximately 50% of the static repair cost as a bonus to the credits you earn for each battle played in PvE only. We hope this will help mitigate any negative effect the recent economy changes might have caused until our investigation is over and we arrive at a permanent solution.
If you have any further questions please leave them in this thread and we will try to get you answers to them.
Thank you!