Emil II Pictures

Tier 9 heavy. Stats will come soon.


26 thoughts on “Emil II Pictures

  1. well, other than the AMX, the Emil will have plenty of gun depression. -6° und the AMX are not as a WZ-120, but the Emil will more likely have -12°, which looks awesome on that fourth picture.

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  2. We need more magazines, on tier 9.We dont have to much >? Plus this tank turret is made by WG.

    They only did build hull of top Swedish HT. Now WG will made up good turret, and made it broken for people to use gold to grind it, and we will get next broken tank. That armor will be way more effective then on tanks that should have effective armor.

    This is WG. They add more nation, and they can even balance those that are in game right now…..

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      1. This is wooden model. So you can’t know, if they would ever build this tank, armor would be as they expected.

        For Maus they expected 250 mm frontal plate, under 150 tons…we all know how this work out.

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        1. WOT is not a tank sim. It’s more of a historical what if sim. What if this model was made? How would it fare vs other tanks? They don’t care if the armor was to heavy vs what the tracks could pull off etc. The reports from the one O-I Exp trial the Japs had showed the weight vs the size made it dig into the mud more then move. So they broke the trial model down for scraps. But it still moves in WOT. I mean the Tiger 1 has a gun in WOT they had to build the King Tiger turret for. As the Tiger turret was to small for it.

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          1. I mean they take from Tiger 2 unhistorical engine, still T44(680 vs 500 in life), AMX 120(1200 vs 1000), IS 3(700 vs 520) still had engines they never had in real life…

            IS 3 had 122 mm D25 T gun, not BL 9…Obj 704 never had BL-10.

            Most German tanks are over tiered, so they needed to add new gun to them. Tiger should be tier 6, and with penetration for 90 degree plate, Tiger 2 should be tier 7, Fredi tier 7, Jagpanther tier 6, Panther tier 6, Pather 2 tier 7 etc. Jt tier 8 and son on.

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        2. But I’m missing some context. What’s the full stats on the Maus with the 250mm frontal plate?

          I’m sure they know if they added up all the weight of the materials that are needed.

          Armor would be as expected since they make the armor in their parameters.

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          1. They knew adding 250 mm plate would make this tank way to heavy, so they never did. Still only 200 plate on hull makes tank way heavier they wish for, way more then 150 tons.

            But this is not point. Point is, political bullshit. Why only one nation need to be historical in some respects.

            If we wish to make tanks close to be as historical as we can, all tanks need to lose their engine, not only German ones.

            If they adding next op nation, they should make sure, that old tank can be competetive. This tank will have less pen on AP, and mobility, but armor, gun dep is way better, plus is smaller. What is point of AMX 120 ? He is faster…not much.

            IS 3 don’t need in this game fake engine. Still has one, cuz why not. Why Tiger 2 needed to lose it ?

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            1. Cause the Tiger 2 use to be the meta, back in the bad old days. Pre gold ammo for credits, u had Tiger 2s and Type 59s.

              And lets not forget the all time king of tier 9s that should be 10s, the E-75 and T-54 (the E-75 got a nerf it totally dident deserve)

              Also i expect this thing is going to be a mid-short range support tank, it looks like (atleast to me) that they are balancing the Swedes around the global rebalance and the vision they have for that.

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            2. Removing the Tiger II’s 900 hp engine didn’t make it more historical since a 900 hp engine was actually planned. All it did is make it more like the real life Tiger II.

              The IS-3 should have its side spaced armor nerfed to the paper thin sheet metal it actually was and the engine it had. The gun is a “what if”.

              Tanks can be balanced by removing or adding historical modules or just down tiering them or buffing their soft stats.

              Tiger II for example… It can be brought down a tier. If the T29 can fit in the game at tier 7 with extreme frontal turret armor and mediocre hull armor the Tiger II with the 8,8cm L/71 well. All it will do is trade some turret armor for hull armor.

              Tier 8 can be replaced with a more historical E 75. E 75 will be very similar to the current Tiger II but with a 900 hp engine and better angled frontal hull armor

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              1. What I had in my mind. Still, WG won’t do it, because KT would have to face his real enemy IS. Ferdi need to be tier down too.

                And for tier 9 of this line, they can add E100 with Maus turret and gun, top E100 will have 150mm gun. Done, this line could be fixed.


            3. basic question would you like 50-60% vehicles removed just because you think it should be more historical? Possibly some of your own would also get deleted. Secondly, would you like almost all tanks nerfed just so they are more historical? It is no one’s fault that none of the nations managed to build as many vehicies as there are in WoT. This game is not a war simulator, you will not find almost all of the aspects you can during your local war (spies, planes, infrantry)


              1. Removing prototypes, paper, and mock up tanks won’t make it more historical since the game is not based on real life events.

                It’s just real tanks fighting real tanks.
                Removing 50-60% of the tanks in wot won’t make it any more historical.


                1. I’ve always found it weird that the russian tech tree is designed to have tanks that are more “modern” than their other nations counterparts. Most of the german techtree is from the 30s and 40s with maybe 2 or 3 “modern” exceptions that still aren’t as “good” as their russian counterparts. Meanwhile in the russian techtree we get tanks from the 50s and 60s and in the odd case with the t62a a tank with a turret from 1972.


                  1. Age doesn’t matter in my opinion.

                    If it did, we should see IS-3s as the top tier heavy tank while fighting the Maus.

                    Some Soviet tanks are barely post-war such as the IS-7 from 1947 and it’s proposed variants.


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