WOT-PC developers panel


15 thoughts on “WOT-PC developers panel

  1. Okay, I really don’t have time for this, so… Could someone please tell me the important parts that are said in this over 1.5 hours long video? Please?


  2. There’s so much told, that I can’t remember all the thing, or even a part of things. The main point is that general attitude towards the players is changed a lot with more professionals hired from US. It’s interesting to see the boundaries of information these people can give, bcs it’s very clear in this video that there are things they are NOT allowed to talk about. All in all, if you love WOT, this is a great vid to watch.

    tl;dr WATCH THE DAMN THING, it’s great!!!


  3. Take some ritalin for that attention span, Akina. There is no Tl;DR for this you lazy shit.

    in point of fact i would love to have heard about the Q&A continuation outside …

    In it they discuss (in as much detail as they are allowing themselves) many topics that show up on this page over and over. So if you ever wanted as clear an answer (as allowed) for things this is where you find it.

    Make the time to watch it, Zephyr. You post a lot here. Watching this will save you from spending 2 hrs making a well thought out easily understood post about topics that WG is just not gonna do anything about.

    First they acknowledge that they cant say everything they want to. They then tell you exactly why. Its a good reason.

    They go on to specifically discuss
    SuperTesting. Sandbox.
    And the difference between the two when it comes to:
    What their purpose is
    What your expectations should be.

    Mods. Some are worth getting into the vanilla client. Some arent. but are cool and not hurting anyone and should be supported. Some are worth the focus of BanHammer waves. They discuss why that is.

    Physics. (albeit briefly)

    WTF, Arty?.

    Matchmaking. should it be skill based?

    Maps. what the hell happened?

    Rampage. What happened?

    Vehicle rentals.

    premium tanks.

    Tech trees. Will/should they be re-purposed?

    Learning Curves for New players.


  4. 16:15 hey seb thats you, take a bow =D
    18:41 WG supports mods =) (aka me)
    19:38 yep, mod makers are the ones addign stuff to the game while WG adds crap all for 2 years. like filters!
    20:10 button to take you to prem shop. 5 years development. mod to bring you to prem shop. eh…an hour, with a few anime mods added in >=D
    21:25 ……”little issues” …………yes WoT has some little issues…..but its also got some GIANT ASS ISSUES YOU KEEP DENYING ARE A THING

    …its funny how “paralyzed in fear of changes pissing someone off” equals the same thing as “not showing up to work, being drunk with a few hookers, while getting paid”
    both = the same ammount of work finished…..well until the hooker gets pregnant

    24:42 yeah, i’m guessing the Go order was under someone’s vodka

    25:35 should have gotten an abortion on the 112 buff. cause now its armor is stronger than 113. WG “balance”. by screwin over everyone not using gold

    ok i’m done watching. all of this is common knowledge or circular logic. or stuff they’ll come up with an excuse for later.

    an yes, that was me going from happy at 16:15 to sour at 26:00
    only WG can annoy me so much that they turn me into a sour puss in under 10 minutes

    P.S. when they talk about you shouldnt be able to snipe at 300m. Leo 1, tiger, and other sniper tanks can kiss their roles goodbye.

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    1. “when they talk about you shouldnt be able to snipe at 300m. Leo 1, tiger, and other sniper tanks can kiss their roles goodbye.”

      Devs don’t seem to understand the difference between driving 50m from spawn and sitting there the whole game (usually in a bush or behind a rock/ridgeline that map developer put there) and actively driving around the map and finding angles to fire from 250-350m.

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  5. “We really worked hard to adapt Paris for randoms” Really? cus it looks 99% the same with the expedition of the one wall that is now gone and some rubble on the south end along with a road block that is removed.

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