WoWS Q&A – 16th September 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU
The Q&A by BadPreacher and Sub_Octavian dated September 13
Q: What will be the difference between the premium HMAS Perth and the HMS Leander from the RM cruiser tree.
A: We cannot provide any details on these ships yet.

Q: A torpedo hits a damaged section of a cruiser, and causes 200 points of damage only. How?
A: This is a known bug that will be corrected soon.

Q: The manual bomb attacks use a smaller ellipse, but does the distribution of the scatter in the ellipse change?
A: It changes proportionally with the size of the ellipse.

Q: What is the patch of September 9 (90mb) is about?
A: Hot fix of a sound problem.

Q: Why is the artillery rating of the Murmansk (48) is larger than that of the Omaha (38) with top hull, although the guns are identical?
A: The Murmansk has heavier AP rounds, with higher penetration.

Q: How can filter all ships in the carrousel that still have the daily bonus?
A: Use the checkbox “Show ships suitable for the specials”.

Q: When will I be able to record battles?
A: Currently, there is a mod enabling replays. We plan to add an enhanced recording functionality next year.

Q: Why do I pay credits after a battle even if my ship took no damage?
A: We think of it as a rearming, refueling and victualing fees.

Q: How do you fight cheaters?
A: The cheaters are people who use forbidden mods. We have a system for tracking users of such mods, but I cannot comment on details. Inactive bots are easy to identify. Bots that act according to a script are more difficult to identify. We are currently testing a new algorithm for their detection.

Q: A Minikaze team kills a New Mexico, or a carrier accidentally team kills. Neither becoming pink. Why?
A: A team killer will definitely turn pink, either immediately or after the battle. Minor infringements (we cannot disclose the exact criteria for minor vs major) lead to turning pink after the battle. Major infringements entail immediate pink. We are satisfied with the current handling of team killers, but would improve the system if necessary.

Q: Can the torpedo belt of a ship fail? I hit the Yamato with a torpedo of the Khabarovsk and caused almost full damage of 14.005 points.
A: You probably simply missed the belt. It can be an advantage to target bow and stern sections that do not have torpedo belts, but at a risk of hitting a depleted section for minimal damage.

Q: Why have you removed those you not considered captain skills that increase the accuracy of the main caliber?
A: Because such skills conferred too much advantage over those who do not have them. The large difference between the novice and the experienced captains was the reason for lowering the caliber threshold for the forth level Advanced Fire Training skill.

Q: How does capping reflected in experience and credits earnings?
A: You are awarded for capping and decapping. The actual capping points and captured areas resulting from these actions, as well as holding cap points, are not rewarded separately, just the results of such actions are.

Q: What is the type of the spotter plane on the USS New Mexico?
A: The Vought UO. The actual type of the plane has not bearing on game play.

Q: Do you plan releasing premium ships of tiers IX and X?
A: This is possible in principle, but we have no such plans at the moment.

Q: After the patch the indicated potential damage taken has decreased significantly.
A: There is very likely a computational error. We are looking into this issue.

Q: I heard that the ships move five times the real speed and the shells fly twice as fast. Have you increased the speed, or shrunk the distances? How does doubling the speed of shells influence their ballistics?
A: Let me explain this in some detail.
1. There are two types of distance measures in the game, the ship meter (relevant to the ships) and the ballistic meter (relevant to the shells in flight).
2. One ship meter equals two shell meters, which means that the ships are twice their real size.
3. The ballistics trajectories are computed with maximum realism, but are flattened to make tracing shots and aiming easier.
4. The speeds of ships, torpedoes and planes are increased by a factor 5.22 relative the ballistic meter.
5. The speeds of shell are increased by a factor 2.61 relative to the ballistic meter.
6. The detonators on the AP shells are modeled based on gameplay considerations.

Q: How do the German battleships perform relative to other battleships?
A: We do not see any issues in their relative performance. Higher tier German battleships perform relatively better than low tier ones.