Tanki X — Cinematic Trailer

Behold, another WoT clone!

In a more serious tone, the game was launched yesterday. This one is different though, because it has no tie to realism. There are several game modes with fast-paced action. You can create your tank from scratch – from the gun to the hull.

Tanki X: Arcade multiplayer action game, where tanks created by users and equipped with railguns, flamethrowers and many other guns, take part in quick/high tempo battles, full of adrenaline and fast speeds.


8 thoughts on “Tanki X — Cinematic Trailer

  1. wow the game actually looks very like this. although watching some game play from a few months ago when it was on beta it looks a little clunky but im curious too see how it actually play.

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      1. have you seen the wot cinematic trailers though? the game looks nothing like that. look at this one here:

        what type of trailer is that? i mean come on turrets being blown off only came in like 2014 or 2015 this is from 2011 which makes me laugh honestly

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  2. Not exactly a WoT clone. Tanki X is based off of TankiOnline, which has the same idea, just that TankiX has better graphics and whatnot, since it’s a client game instead of TO being browser only. TankiOnline was released in 2009.

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  3. Anyone played it yet? Played it like 10 months ago and it was buggy and broken as all hell. But had potential. It’s basically Team Fortress with tanks if you will. Minus the hats. Fun, but only for a few rounds here and there.


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