Supertest: T26E5

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New premium tank. American Tier 8 Heavy. No info on how to get it yet. It was a long time since we had a new premium tank.

Description: After success in the battlefield of the assault tank M4A3E2 with better armor, a decision was made to make same changes in the modernization of the M26 tank. Chrysler Company started to produce upgraded tanks in July 1945. Tests showed need of cutting down speed when moving in off-road conditions- to lower risks of damaging suspension. 27 tanks were made, all of them where used for trails and experiments.


HP: 1500
Engine: 500 hp
Weight: 46,402 tons
Power-to-weight: 10.78 hp/t
Max speed: 40.2/20 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 30 deg/s
Turret traverse speed: 26.1 deg/s
Terrain resistance values: 1.151/1.342/2.589
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 776.9 m
Hull armor: 152.4/76.2/? mm
Turret armor: 190.5/101.6/? mm

Gun: 90 mm Gun M3A1
Alpha Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 212/259/45 mm
Damage Per Minute: 1950.3
Rate Of Fire: 8.126 rounds/minute
Reload time: 7.384 seconds
Accuracy: 0.364
Aiming time: 2.21 seconds

Depression/Elevation: -10/+20

Armor Schematics:

More pictures:


30 thoughts on “Supertest: T26E5

  1. Okay, someone please enlighten me, how is this different from a slightly uparmored Pershing?
    I mean… maybe the gun makes a bit of a difference, but…


  2. this tank seems like a seriously bad investment. ill elaborate. this is going to be really slow. it has a 500hp engine (i think the sherman jumbo has a more powerful engine and is about 20 tons lighter) and weighs about 46 tons. it has a 90mm that does 240 damage and has 212 pen. thats essentially the cdc gun. the cdc is much faster and more maneuverable than this which allows that gun to work and deal a lot of damage even when bottom tier. this thing though is going to be no where near as flexible. the cdc works by going to a flank taking some sniping shots while watching the map for a break in the enemy lines to exploit in order to get to a position where it can get easy flanking hits. this thing will not be capable of this its too slow even if it spots an openning it wont be quick enough to react to it and take advantage of it. the low alpha is just adding insult to injury because unlike the cdc this will likely only get 1 shot off before the enemy turns too shoot back where as the cdc can re position something this cant do.
    if you dont like the cdc example then replace everywhere i used cdc with sta2 or m46 kr its all the same result.

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      1. im comparing it to a medium because no other heavy excluding the fcm 50t gets a 90mm at tier 8 thats just too small caliber wise for that tier. the fcm now that i mention just proves my point. it has a 90mm and it gets premium matchmaking and its arguably the fastest ht at tier 8. this thing being ultra slow couldnt possibly compete vs tier 10s it would be totally useless due too the lack of alpha combined with the slow speed. at least the meds cant out maneuver the enemies this just cant it will have to fight frontally and it will never win that fight.

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          1. 121 cannot tank for shit lol…

            That aside, I kinda like where this is going. T32 with 90mm is already the best T8 tank in the game pretty much (not anymore with Skorp G) as long as you’re generous with the APCR… this thing should be a bit more mobile (20kph reverse speed is already an improvement over anything american) since it can’t tank as well. Engine doesn’t look too well but WG might give it hovertank resistances or w/e. Thing is that it’ll effectively be able to take on most things head just as well as the T32 would which makes it a really nice premium. If they give it the soft stats of the T32 with the 90mm than this is pretty much ideal for a T8 ridgefighter. Strong turret to hold your ground and an autobounce UFP (when depressed) to bait even more shots and tank. I’d just run this on open areas instead of city corridors to get to make use of the typical american hulldown. I did the same with T32 and did really well, shouldn’t be a problem using this.

            TBH WGs newer prems are looking really solid. I like it.


            1. i just done see why anyone would get this over the t34. the again thinking of it im an alpha damage over dpm guy most of the time. the exception being the lowe which is right now joined 4th lowest alpha at tier 8 only beating the 110 the caernarvon and the fcm 50t. yet the lowe for some unknown reason has the lowest dpm i think at tier 8… it would be understandable if the tank had some redeeming features but it just doesnt. its slow huge its amrour sucks its turret is nowhere near as good ass people think. its like the is7 in terms of the game stats say its armour is 100mm on the side but in reality the lower side is just 80. the is7 says 150 but its just 100 side the is7 is worse in terms of being misleading but the lowe is still bad. the crap dpm would make perfect sense if it had a 128mm gun or something but it doesnt it gets a105 that is worse than the tiger 2s in every way except shell velocity which is only 50 better and pen which is just 9 better both are totally unnoticeable. (no joke i penned one twice the other day in a tier 6 medium from the front thats sad)


  3. So…basically it has better armor than the Tiger Patton, better DPM than all versions of the Pershing/Patton, and way better penetration than all of them too?

    Super Pershing better get a fucking buff if this tank goes on sale as is.


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