Supertest: New T92 (LT) Stats

They got updated apparently.

Old Stats & Pictures

New stats (only changed ones are mentioned, and if it’ß a buff/nerf):

Weight: 17 t (13 kg nerf)

Hull turning speed: 73,1 degrees/second ( 3 deg. buff)

Turret turning speed: 52,15 degrees/second ( 0.5 deg. buff)

Hull armor: 31/25/19 mm (1 mm nerf)

Turret armor: 28/28/28 mm (even smaller nerf)

Damage Per Minute: 2235 (buff, old one was 2085,7)

Rate Of Fire: 14.9 (buff, with 1 more round/second)

Reload time: 4 seconds (0.3 sec. buff)

Accuracy: 0.36 (old: 0,403 – it’s a buff)

Aiming time: 1.73 seconds (buff, old one was 1.82)



8 thoughts on “Supertest: New T92 (LT) Stats

  1. Please remind me, how and when will we get this Light VIC replica?
    Also, on what tier?
    Please tell me it won’t be some stupid-ass clan reward!!


  2. I still belive this will be a regular tank if WG wants to push up light tanks to T10 US needs 2 line filler tank. This one can be one of them so leaks of new lights should come and they should stop their new premium tank spam fetish.

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