Master of Orion Q&A: Ask your questions!

Reporte De Batalla (Spanish/Portuguese WoT blog) makes an interview with the MoO developers. The blog team has contacted us, saying that we can send our questions about the game. If you want to ask the MoO developers anything, just type it in the comment section.

You’ll recieve the answers soon!


9 thoughts on “Master of Orion Q&A: Ask your questions!

  1. I love the Meklar but I stink with them. They lose in population growth, they lose in research, and their advantage in production only helps… if they have population and researched items to build. Is it a extra-difficult race to play or can you steer me in a better direction?


  2. heres my question, does wargaming regret distributing master of orion through GOG? piratebay counts over 100,000 downloads XD thats like 3 million lost revanue.

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    1. Exactly, it’s not how it works. It’s not a physical copy that was pirated = the company is not losing actualy money but potential profit.
      And the people that downloaded it are “potential” buyers – but how many of them would buy the game if there was no option to download it? 50%? 25%? 10%?

      Piracy is just an EZ scapegoat for firms if their product was unsuccessful. Not saying it is right to download games/music/movies (although in some cases it helped to popularize them – Paranormal Activity comes to mind, many small bands etc.), but it’s not that big of a problem as companies try to make it.


      1. okey, so a potential of 3 million bucks lost. thats still a lot of money! i would certainly quit working for life with only 1 million, using half of that to built up enough interest as my salary.


  3. ETA on new races? ETA on Antarans? Or how about tactical battle in Multiplayer?
    Also, when will they allow us to name planets and systems? It seems quite simple to be honest.

    MOD support? When?


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