Ikv 72 Pictures

Stats coming soon. Dat depression though.


14 thoughts on “Ikv 72 Pictures

      1. It is bloody unbalanced. From south you only need 7-8 degrees to work that hill AND you can run away without getting shot, from north 12 degrees are needed to stay hulldown (and still not perfect hulldown I think) and you can’t really run away without taking damage.
        Balanced map is balanced :D

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    1. It is, IRL for the tank destroyers atleast one of the swedish army strategies seemed to be to dig a hill and park up on the hill with only the gun and a very angled frontal plate showing over the hill, meaning the target will be very small and hard to hit and when you manage to hit it will auto bounce.

      The Stridsvagn 103 had a shovel on the lower front plate that it could use with the hydraulic suspension to dig a hill with.

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  1. that gun depression or the first picture in general looks like I am going to pack quite a few more HE-shells for most of my tanks. *eg*

    but if those -25° come true, that is goint to be a whole new level for WoT!

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      1. They did away with havok in favor of coding their own physics which have been done via them allowing tanks to be flipped. Havok engine wouldn’t introduce much and commonly people don’t understand if they added havok physics that would be two game engines running at the same time in a game where most of its core mechanics run on the heavily outdated Bigworld engine.


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