WoWS: Ship/Aircraft Carrier Communication Problem

ASharpPencil emailed me this. I’ll quote him:

Most of my games are with aircraft carriers.
And almost every 2nd game, I hear the wailing of players in chat, that I never helped them or keep them safe from opposing planes, or why they dont see my planes…

Mainly because of the lack of understanding of most of the players, on the “the limit how to stretch all the squadrons on the map” or for keeping the skies clean, and that I do not have to be over their head.
I can catch the opponent on the way, or over its ships…

Since I’m not typing all that fast, and usually I do not have time to bring my eyes to the keyboard…
I think WG need to create a menu of responses, so that CV players  can choose a ready-made answer:

  • “I need to re-arm, back soon”
  • “Identifying this area” (Then tap on the map)
  • “Need help with AA”

And most important

  • “The enemy aircraft carrier lost all air units, stop chasing him …”

And so on…


2 thoughts on “WoWS: Ship/Aircraft Carrier Communication Problem

  1. this would be pretty usefull, as it would be usefull in WoT for some message and warning for your team mates when you flip yourself, since looks that no one notices your chat messages, help messages, and nothing at all even if they are 5m from you =P


    1. They do that, or rather do not do that, because they do not care. They gain no bonus from helping you (other than more likely winning due to one more gun staying in game, but that is too abstract a concept for most shitbrains) and thus do not do it. This is also why they will always try to chase down a carrier, even if the carrier is already emptied. It doesn’t matter to them. They can shoot it, they get XP and credits and a possible +1 on the kill-counter. They would start shooting clouds if they’d get Xp and credits for them. Heck, they’d sink themselves if they got XP and credits for it. People just are that stupid and greedy.


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