Pz.Kpfw. III/IV HD Model Pictures

Beautiful sideskirts.


13 thoughts on “Pz.Kpfw. III/IV HD Model Pictures

  1. looks really cool and itll be interesting to see whether or not other stats suffer due to the increased armour its getting. also thats essentially a pz4 turret so any chance of the 105 derp?

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    1. also this gives me hope for the pz4s getting added spaced armour to the side in the armour model and the same for the panther 2 the jp2 has had it forever, the panther 2 though has been neglected.

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      1. The Panzer IV Schmalturm should be getting working sideskirts during its HD rework.
        The Jagdpanther II came after the Panther II, so I guess the Panther II’s HD rework should be fixing this…

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    2. I don’t think the Panzer III/IV would ever get it, since it has mobility (unlike the Panzer IV) to compensate the penetration of the long 7,5 cm guns.


  2. this tank doesnt need useless sideskirts, the mobility is what makes this tank so strong.
    they are gonna make this tank suffer like the pz4


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