Sound Improvements in 9.16

Huge thanks to Vlad for translating.
– Expanded the caliber sound system. On tiers 8-10, there are now 5 calibers instead of 3;
– New sound system of magazine loaders. Now during reload, one can hear how many shells are in the drum, as well as when there is one shell left and a notification that the drum is empty;
– Reworked the recieved damage indication system. Now the amount of damage taken will be clearly identifiable (0-17%, 18-35%, 35+%);
– Added sound of damaged engine. Now a damaged engine will start clattering etc.;
– Added audible notification of inability to fire a destroyed gun;
– Each damaged module is sounds differently;
– Improved the feedback of steering the tank – sounds of shifting gears, acceleration and change of direction;
– Reworked the interface of sound settings;
– Added the option of 2 different Sixth Sense sounds and the possibility to add an own mp3-file;
– Added notification about the end of battle: “last member of the team was killed” and “battle ended by base capture”;
– Split the slider “Interface and notifications” into “Interface” and “Vocal notifications”;
– Split the slider “Music” into “Music in battle” and “Music in hangar”;
– Added new looping music for premium hangars;
– Reworked the option of low quality sound. It is now available to all players and the sound quality became better than before on similar settings.