Sound Improvements in 9.16

Huge thanks to Vlad for translating.

– Expanded the caliber sound system. On tiers 8-10, there are now 5 calibers instead of 3;
– New sound system of magazine loaders. Now during reload, one can hear how many shells are in the drum, as well as when there is one shell left and a notification that the drum is empty;
– Reworked the recieved damage indication system. Now the amount of damage taken will be clearly identifiable (0-17%, 18-35%, 35+%);
– Added sound of damaged engine. Now a damaged engine will start clattering etc.;
– Added audible notification of inability to fire a destroyed gun;
– Each damaged module is sounds differently;
– Improved the feedback of steering the tank – sounds of shifting gears, acceleration and change of direction;
– Reworked the interface of sound settings;
– Added the option of 2 different Sixth Sense sounds and the possibility to add an own mp3-file;
– Added notification about the end of battle: “last member of the team was killed” and “battle ended by base capture”;
– Split the slider “Interface and notifications” into “Interface” and “Vocal notifications”;
– Split the slider “Music” into “Music in battle” and “Music in hangar”;
– Added new looping music for premium hangars;
– Reworked the option of low quality sound. It is now available to all players and the sound quality became better than before on similar settings.


8 thoughts on “Sound Improvements in 9.16

  1. Ah, sound updates, good!
    The game immersion also requires good music and soundeffects. The better they are, the better you will enjoy the game.
    Or not.
    That’s just my opinion.

    Nonetheless, the new stuff will sound epic… forthe first 10 battles. Then you will start to not even notice it. :|


  2. I would like it so that I hear the ammo rack notification first, I usually end up repairing my track before I’m even notified that my ammo rack has taken damage


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