TAP Poll #4: Future Top Tiers

I made a new poll about top tier tanks for the new tech tree proposals. Information about these tanks will be given below so you can make an informed decision and learn the theoretical implications if these tanks were to ever make it into the game.


Panzer 68

Year: 1968

Gun: 105mm Panzerkanone 61 (Royal Ordnance L7)

Crew: 4 (commander, loader, gunner, and driver)

Weight: 39 tons

Suspension: springs and hydraulic dampers

Engine: 837 Ba-500 660hp engine

Speed: 55 km/h

Power-to-weight: 17.8 hp/t

Armor: 80mm-120mm

VZ 67 Variante F

Year: 1969

Gun: 120mm L11 with autoloader

Crew: (commander, loader, gunner, and driver)

Weight: 46 tons

Suspension: Hydropneumatic

Engine: MT833 1000-1200 hp engine (MBX 833 RA-500 750hp engine or Saurer 500 hp engine (for balance purposes))

Speed: 68 km/h

Power-to-weight: 21,7-26 hp/t (16 hp/t with 750hp engine and 10.8 hp/t with 500hp engine

Armor: Hull armor is unknown, but the official documents states that sufficient frontal protection against Various Armor piercing rounds was required. Turret armor is given, based on estimates, the thickest part of the turret is around 200mm and a gun mantlet of 400mm. Due to the shape of the turret, effective thickness should be rather good.

An article about the Panzer 74 program



Year: 1978

Gun: 105mm M68 (American L7)

Crew: 4 (commander, loader, gunner, and driver)

Weight: 62 tons

Suspension: Horstmann

Engine: AVDS-1790-6A 900 hp engine

Speed: 33-35 km/h

Power-to-weight: 14.5 hp/t

Armor: The armor thickness is relatively thin, but should provide decent protection against HEAT ammunition



Year: 1977

Gun: 100mm A308

Weight: 42 tons

Suspension: Torsion bar

Engine: V-55U 580hp engine

Speed: 50 km/h

Power-to-weight: 13.8 hp/t

Armor: 200mm hull armor, 340mm turret armor, and side and rear armor should be relatively thin.



A Leopard 1 with an autoloader.



Contains the same engine and transmission as the Leopard 1 while being based on it. Same gun without stabilization and shares optical/electrical systems with the Leopard.


Czolg Pancernik

Polish super heavy with substantial armor, armed with a 155mm gun. Designed by Stanislaw Lem, a Polish science fiction writer.


M636D Kondor

Year: Circa 1960

Gun: 105mm CN

Crew: 5 (commander, loader, gunner, radio operator, and driver)

Weight: 35 tons

Suspension: Torsion bar

Engine: Hispano-Suiza HS-110 680 hp engine

Speed: 50 km/h

Power-to-weight: 19.4 hp/t

Armor: Most likely thin


57 thoughts on “TAP Poll #4: Future Top Tiers

    1. Nothing against the tank or Israel, just that it’s too modern, all other tanks in wot are from before 1965-1970, so it probably will never happen in WoT. But they have been talking of a new game that might be coming soon, dubbed “WoT 2.0” which features modern tanks, there Merkava will fit well.

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        1. True. No probs with Merkava as top tier, I’m sure they’ll find a way to “legalize” it (prototype of the real thing, *cough* *cough*)

          I think the issue with Israel tank line is that, it borrows tanks from other nations, from tier 1 all the way to tier 9.


    2. while i do think the merkava is a sexy looking tank and i do kinda want that as a medium tier 10 tank, it’s highly unusual that WG would consider the copycat tree that is the Israeli tech tree, maybe it would be possible if someone would visit the archives, which is quite difficult. but at this moment, a israeli tree sadly is highly unlikely to happen.


  1. That Polish T10 tank can’t be a serious candidate. At least I deeply hope so. The tank is invented by a sci-fi writer and has ludicrous amount of downright impossible or nonsensical features. Heck, T18 as a tank destroyer, Japanese high-tier superheavies and the WTF E-100 are way more historical than that thing. It’s not like Poland doesn’t have a real historical candidate, soviet clones.

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  2. Leopard clone is decent if it’s the autoloader one. Make it as an accurate medium with 4-5 second loading drum and we’ll have a decent T10 with rather unique playstyle since it’s not another short burst, close range autoloader which dominates the AL meta. (Nerf the Skoda’s acc while we’re at it)

    Other than that, Swiss looks decent although Pz 68 seems rather boring and the HT screams overpowered to me. Not sure why people like Merkava that much so they will settle with a crappy, full copy paste tree before it.

    The rest are just boring/sci-fi nonsense.

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  3. The Merkava is all about hull down, and frontal armor. The Israeli tank doctrine is such that values kemping bush on defense, and full out assault in a line on offense. If an enemy gets on a Merkava’s side, the attack or defense failed.

    This tank was designed with actual painful lessons learned in combat. The most relevant version to WoT’s timeline is/are the prototypes. The Mk 1’s final design was determined 1 year after the Yom Kippur War of 1973, where the biggest lesson learned was that a tank can be easily replaced, a good trained crew is much harder to replace. So all emphasis was put on the best firepower available to kill stuff, and the most frontal armor possible, while retaining a good level of mobility.
    The 105mm L7/M68 gun was a world leader (along with the Soviet 115mm on the T-62) until the 120mm cannon’s were developed. So that was chosen.
    And the layers of armor, along with the extreme sloping of the frontal armor led to as close to perfect frontal armor that could be made. The side and rear armor were sacrificed to attain that frontal armor.

    In AW, the tier placement of the Merkava IIB was criticized since it lacked the punch to deal effectively with the M1 and Challanger variants in tier, but when used in the manned intended by the manufacturer, (kemp bush hull down) it is nicely effective. (Obviously, the business case for tier 7 was immense, since undoubtedly, many insta-bought the Merkava purely because it is a Merkava, and tier 7 money is better than tier 5-6 money)

    I hope WG stops thinking in terms of individual nation tech tree’s in the case of nations that produced a few tanks, and modified certain tanks, but lack a classic WG style national tech tree.
    Call it a World Tech Tree.

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    1. Edit to this paragraph:
      “And the layers of armor, along with the extreme sloping of the frontal armor led to as close to perfect frontal armor that could be made. The side and rear armor were sacrificed to attain that frontal armor, AND RETAIN A GOOD LEVEL OF MOBILITY.


      1. Close perfect armor?

        If it were to ever enter WoT, it would have mediocre armor. The Merkava’s armor is fairly thin as it has been seen in some pictures.

        It’s probably decent to good when hull down though


        1. T72’s with the 125mm Cannon failed to penetrate Merkava Mk 1 and 2 in actual combat. While the Merkava destroyed 9 T72’s in direct combat in the Beka’a Valley in 1982.

          The frontal armor of the Merkava is as good as it gets. Just one of the real world facts.
          How it translates into the game is another thing.


          1. APFSDS will fail to penetrate when the armor is at extreme angles.

            Also, it is possible that T-72s were given faulty ammunition or training ammunition. This has happened with Iraqi T-72s during the Gulf War.


            1. You bring up excuses, but facts are facts.
              My brother was in 1 of those tanks, he is the black sheep of the family, he was a gunner. (and he put 2 into 1 on those T72’s.)
              I was a driver, my father was a driver, and my grandfather drove a T-34 in WWII in the Soviet Army. (He fled Romania at the outset of the war, and joined the Soviet Army).


                1. Of course what you said has happened. Many things have happened.
                  Maintaining a tank is hard work. In the heat of battle, sometimes things are overlooked, someone forgets to grease a sprocket, the ground crew loads the wrong ammo, not enough fuel, the radiator fluid is not checked, oil levels not checked, TONS of things can and will go wrong.

                  For it’s day, the Merkava was as close to a sure thing frontally that existed. The only tanks that had better armor and were contemporary were the Challanger (best armored tank PERIOD) and the M1 Abrams. What that means is that in the Middle East Battlefield, the Merkava rules supreme.


  4. Well, I think I will have to put my vote on the Panzer 68 this time.

    From the listed tanks, that’s the most unique, realistic and fitting tothe time scheme ofthe game. The Merkava and the TR-77-580 are out of the time limits, the Czolg Pancernik is as fictious as the rest of Lem’s creations, and we don’t know much about that Yugo tank.

    So this leaves only the Italian and Swiss made ones. We already have a Leopard, making it autoloader doesn’t sound right.
    And if I can choose between a paper project and an actually existing, once-in-duty, and rather good looking tank, then I will pick that.
    Panzer 68 it is!


              1. Those are just easy to counter excuses for the fanboys.
                I need something that can take them out of the playfield for once and for all.
                But I have nothing besides lame insults.


                1. I don’t think you really know how much people like you make normal people sick.

                  I am certain that there are many websites for people like you. Various neo Nazi sites, jihadi sites, and bds sites. Go on, put some more hate down on the Jewish people.


                  1. Holy crap, the level of butthurt in you is…

                    Me:“Vegeta, what is his butthurt level?”

                    Vegeta:“It’s over nine thousaaaaaand!!

                    But in all seriousness, you are overreacting like heck, it’s actually funny and gets more and more funnier the more you do it. Thanks for the laugh in this sleepy morning! :D

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  5. From a mostly gameplay POV:

    – Panzer 68 looks incredibly… vanilla. Literally nothing interesting about the tank, average hp/t, million times used gun, average armor.
    – VZ 67 is just way too OTT, autoloader, armor, mobility ranging from acceptable to great. Not a material for WoT.
    – I don’t mind Merkava, nor do I lust for it.
    – TR-77-580 – if it has frontal weakspots (100mm lower plate), sure. Medium speed heavy with lots of frontal armor and turret armor, not much gun depression, low alpha gun. Sits somewhere between 113 and E5 when it comes to armor and mobility, with MT gun.
    – OTO-Centuaro could be interesting, I think there are lots of experiments that can be done with autoloaders. Leopardino is a Leo 1 clone, ANOTHER (AMX 30, gameplay wise), with worse stabilisation (aka worse gun soft stats, and Leo 1 is already legendary for it’s soft stats :P ) No point in adding it.
    – Czolg Pancernik – how about no?
    – M636D Kondor – I don’t even know what it is and just like Panzer 68 it looks incredibly boring.

    So, for me, OTO-Centauro, TR-77-580 or Merkava, in this order really. Rest is OTT or just plain boring/clone.


    1. The VZ 67 has a wide range of options. 120mm L11, 120mm L11 with autoloader, 110mm gun, 105mm L7, etc

      1000-1200hp engine, 750hp engine, and 500 hp engine.

      Also, multiple turrets possibly with differing armor.

      Sides and rear are weak but the front has good armor.


  6. The Panzer 68 would be my favorite. The Yugoslavian one is my second choice, but i doubt it that there will ever be a Yogoslavian tree.

    Merkava isn’t interessting for me (mostly because of the shitty tree)
    The Italian and Romanian tanks are already for ~90% in game (Leopard and T-54).
    The Polish tank is just some sci-fi rubbish.


  7. Voted on the swiss, hope it doesn’t turn out to be t10 CW reward :-(

    btw Is the time really matters for the majority here?
    After playing AW I found out the Type 80 should fit in WoT as t10 MT, its technology is inferior to Merkava/M60 even though it comes out at early 80’s, and since everyone is bit*hing too much fakes/blueprints on the Chinese line why not having this real tank in game and rework the mid-high tiers in the Chinese MT/LT tech tree to fit in more real tanks. (First thought is dumb down the WZ-120 into t8 and take the 120mm away, turn the WZ-120w/120mm as a new prem replacing T-34-3)
    But again,, I know is a commie+dome head tank, the majority hates them.


      1. If 59 is on t8(combine T-34-1 and 34-2 together on t7), t9 would be 59-II( kept the option for mounting the 122mm), t10 is Type 80-I. This line is focus on firepower so even the Type 80-I is using 105mm L7 but it has higher alpha then other 105mm L7 tanks (probs 420DPS)

        And the LTs goes from WZ-132(t8) to WZ-122-1 (t9) and Type 85-I on t10, this line is more mobile due to better engines.

        121 is becoming a CW reward tank instead.
        Type 69 is a t8 prem with full MM, and similar to WoT Blitz it can either choose a 100mm(similar to 110’s) or 105mm (similar to M4A1R’s ‘nerfed’ L7)


  8. Why waste time and vote for anything else than KONDOR???

    We are mighty tank nation (actually were), we have never used our tanks in combat, hence KONDOR is undefeated :) :) :)


  9. Italian tier 10, because i want the italians low tier tanks into the game. It’s sad that they won’t consider adding tanks without a full tech tree.

    I am really surprised from the hype around istraeli tanks, which are all copycats of already existing tanks. Also what would they put in the extreme low tiers ? israel exists only since 1948. And from my point of view the Merkava might be the less exciting tier 10 of this list (along with panzer 68).


    1. Lets just say that the guy who made the Israeli tech tree knows how to market his stuff.

      Plus, the people who support the tech tree are probably the type who types in chat about Israel is a country who participated in war with their tanks, but they suspiciously forget that some of the tanks from the guy’s Israeli tech tree contains tanks that were never captured by Israel nor do they have any relations with Israel.

      For example, R-35s were captured by Israel from Syria, but the guy wants a Syrian R-35 with a 2pdr even though they never captured such a vehicle.


      1. Well we all know that WG doesn’t really give a shit about historical accuracy. However there is many problems whit the introduction of Israel as a nation in the game : copycats tanks, timeline problem, and, let’s face it, it’s politicaly sensitive. On an other hand, Italy has tons of candidates for the low tiers that would really deserve to be implemented in the game, and I’m really looking forward them.


        1. Why would it be politically sensitive? Because people reject Israel’s right to exist?

          I mean, look at your ridiculous argument. No to Israel because copycat tanks, as if copy’s are not all around the nations added after the original 5 (USSR, Germany, USA, UK, France only have 1 copy paste tank between them, the AMX 30B, and Leopard 1).
          China is essentially the USSR tanks with worse gun depression.
          Poland will be USSR tanks with a different paint scheme.

          But beyond that, YOU advocate Italy because Israel is politically controversial.


          I hope you use AMD, because if you use Intel products, it is highly likely that you are using a processor that was touched by a Jew.


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