Convoy Event Coming Soon

Source: WoT portal

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been celebrating 100 Years of Tanks with you via special missions, as we count down the days until the actual birthday of the original tank itself, the Mark I.

Now in just a few weeks, it will be time for the crown jewel in our celebration – bringing the Mark I into the game itself.  We’re releasing a few details about this mode now as we move into final testing.

One hundred years ago the first armored war machine, a fearsome Mark I saw its debut during the Battle of the Somme on September 15th 1916. This day opened a new era of mechanized warfare.

Welcome to “Convoy” mode

In “Convoy” mode, players will be driving an entirely new vehicle type: four-wheeled Lanchester armored cars, armed with fast firing machine guns. These vehicles are incredibly fast and mobile, and the battles between them are high-speed, intense dogfights.

Players will be divided into two teams of seven. One team will look to protect the Mark I as it moves across a World War I battlefield, providing cover and repairs to the Mark I, while the other team tries to use explosives to stop it in its tracks.

The players will be able to pick up these explosives and repair kits on the battlefield, and additional abilities allowing them to help or hinder the Mark I will also be scattered throughout the map.

This is a timed mode, so jump in your Lanchester armored car, speed your way across the battlefield and see how your team fares against the first great tank!

We will see you on the battlefield on September 15th, to celebrate the Mark I’s 100th birthday.


11 thoughts on “Convoy Event Coming Soon

  1. well, I am a bit torn. on the one side the mode sounds like something new and also fun (and they can try new things – something like this sounds also fine with standard tanks). on the other side a lot of people complained in the very past, that WoT get alwa<s faster and more loke CoD with tank skins. and what do we get as a new mode? something superfast and very … non-WoT-like (with "powerups" scattered around the map for pickups – hello Quake!).

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    1. don’t forget, in the Domination mode, WoT implemented things that equal the “KillStrikes” from CoD, like the Bombing Run, and the Arty Barrage =P

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    2. As long as it doesn’t get into randoms it’s fine.

      Those modes need to be quick and fun, not challenging (you shouldn’t worry about viewrange and positioning too much etc. ) otherwise there is not reason to play them. I think the pickups are for another possible rampage-esqe gamemode.


  2. Another mode 90% of the community will never understand.

    They already struggle with the concept of interacting with a white circle, so this one will be even more messed up by plebs yoloing.


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