WoWS: Dunkerque Available on EU

Ship and slot, 20.60 . Link:

Also some bundles:

-Supreme, with flag and plenty of other stuff, 70 € (link:

-Ultimate, with 6000 doubloons and 100 flags, 40 € (link:



One thought on “WoWS: Dunkerque Available on EU

  1. I think WG doesn’t understand what Ultimate means..

    I got mine and she is surprisingly good, considering the devastating reviews. Very vulnerable from the side, but so are basically all ships. Proved that yesterday when both my Yama and Montana got citadeled from the sides by NCs at close range. Survived in both cases only due to their HP pool. So far, only had one turret temporarily knocked out, immediately used my repair to save it, still haven’t lost a turret. *knocks on wood, as that would be terrible*

    I am by no means able to carry, so lost quite a few matches, but had some pretty decent matches in terms of damage, averaging over 44 k dmg per game, despite a blowout or two and my own poor skills. Turret arcs are great, with a little wiggling you can hit a target well behind and to the side. For 20 EUR, so far, I think it is a steal..

    She is starting to look like one my favorites, next to HMS Warspite and Torpitz.

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