Berlin Quartet: Worth it even if you already own the tanks

Thanks to Scouts_0ut

If you are looking for 0 skill crews and some gold then you can purchase any of the Berlin Quartet tanks that you already own and get the complete 0 skill BiA crew in your barracks. You will receive the gold value of the tank and a new garage slot. See spreadsheet and screenshots for information.


18 thoughts on “Berlin Quartet: Worth it even if you already own the tanks

      1. I see your point.
        Still, these are crap. And annoying. The Bromwell especially. But the rest is also a pain in the ass, RNG doesn’t work on them the same way it does with the regular variants. Screw them all.


        1. I can confirm, RNG works the same way in the Bromwell and Rudy, just like in the regular tanks. The 122 mils are derpy in the other 2 tanks…


        2. Crap? I have the quartet, and I can assure you that they are all solid tanks, especially so for premiums. The IS-2B might be even a bit more powerful than the soviet IS-2, even though it doesn’t get the glorious 250mm HEAT shell that the Chinese copy gets. That would be hilariously OP.

          Admittedly the ISU isn’t an easy tank to work due to casemate, lack of general maneuverability and low pen for a TD. Even with all that weighing it down, it’s DPM is just murderous.

          And for the question: If a person knows that they want stuff in WOT and due to some source of income, can buy it, this is good value for money compared to WG’s standard prices. If you know that you will in the grand scene of things want more than a single, cheap purchase will net you, this is better than multiple cheap purchases.


          1. I see you didn’t understand my point here either.
            I’m rather disgruntled about these being sold again. They cause way much more trouble than they should because they are decent tanks, especially for premiums.
            Therefore, I call them crap. See the logic?

            So please, let me be Grumpy McGrumpington. Thanks.


  1. i used my cromwell b crew in my uk non turreted tds :D on the torty and yeah it was worth it (i used some of the gold to do a role change on my old bp radio operator) when i get the death star this crew will be insane.


  2. i wish theyd add a 5th to the berlin quartet maybe a sherman? a captured american panther? a chaffee? a firefly? (maybe with the e8 chassis?) a hellcat? maybe the churchill crocodile could finally make an appearance? (without the flame thrower) something theyve so many options and i think people playing those other nations would appreciate it.


      1. i still took advantage of it though if it was like a 1 time for any nation starter pack style thing then maybe but people just buying them every time their out is kinda game breaking and removes the need for female crews plus their actually better than female crews because unlike with those a normal bia crew member works with them.


  3. Aside from the “morality” of purchasing a 0 skill BIA crew, the first skill (essentially what you get) costs over 42000 free XP. The package includes 18 crew members with BIA = 18 x 42k = 756k XP. To convert 756K free xp would cost 30 240 Gold! The full package is therefore actually worth 54 540 gold at 727.2 gold/$ !!! If you retrain these crews to another tank that will cost you 3600 gold – and that still means you get 679 gold/$!! This is the most insane package WG has offered

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