WoWS: Changes coming in 0.5.11

Thanks to Urakaze for translating.


*Please note that the following are subject to change before the patch is released*
We can expect the following changes to be implemented in Patch 0.5.11:
All ships with the Radar Surveillance consumable will have their cooldown time halved
(360 seconds to 180 seconds for Radar Surveillance I ; 240 seconds to 120 seconds for Radar Surveillance II)
-All US Fighter Groups will receive a 33.3% increase in their loadout (33.3% more ammo)



29 thoughts on “WoWS: Changes coming in 0.5.11

  1. “-Russian tier 6 and 7 cruisers (Budyonny and Schors) will receive Radar Surveillance, with range of 8.1km and 9km respectively and a duration of 15 seconds.”

    *Falls off his chair laughing*


    1. I don’t know if giving radar to the Cruiser line that stays furthest at the back is a logical decision.
      I’d understand if it’s USN CA but, well apparently they think RU CL still not good enough I guess.

      And USN Fighter buff, I guess we didn’t have enough cancer in the sky already. It’s not the reason why USN CV sucked the first place, I just can’t understand WG’s logic.


  2. I think someone at WG was drunk. Budyonny and Shschors are already the best performing (non premium) cruisers of their tiers each. There is no way in hell they would be that stupid.


    1. Neither one of them is very popular, at least on EU server, so maybe they want to change that? Wouldn’t work for me, they were never in service, so I won’t bother with them.

      Good news for CA players, bad news for DD players, especially gun DDs.


  3. Oh the clusterfuck…

    I can agree with ONE of the things implemented, namely with Pensacola and T7 British getting radar. Budyonny and Shchors is just beyond me.


  4. Why are they trying to make life even harder for DDs? There are already shitloads of BBs around, now there will be even less DD to counter them. Rock-paper-scissors getting thrown out of the window

    Although I’m more interested in the high tier cruiser rebalance they claim would happen in 0.5.11


            1. Seriously? I mean… like… seriously?

              Global Producer of the game coming forward to comment on this and your answer is: I don’t trust him?


    1. I don’t understand your complete distrust towards the news, I mean, they do look ridiculous and I honestly couldn’t bear myself to trust them, but since it’s released by the SEA group, a KZ-authorized group, I can only force myself to trust them (for now)

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  5. Well this isnt too bad. If DDs go go off alone they die. Maybe they are trying to promote that DDs stay with their Battleships and Crusiers and screen for them.

    And if people want to cap, they better bring a crusier with them.



  6. Wow. Giving USN CVs better fighters… Like they needed more ammo(they need better air groups)? What is up with that? I personally think CV balence is broken ATM, but this will break balence even more.


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