Supertest: Leo – Partial Stats & Pictures

Tier: 7 MT
HP: 1100
Max speed: 60 / 20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 37 °/s
Turret turning speed: 34 °/s
View range: 370 m

Alpha Damage: 300
Penetration: 155 mm
Reload time: 10,9 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,4
Aiming time: 2,9 s


13 thoughts on “Supertest: Leo – Partial Stats & Pictures

  1. Pros: top speed, gun depression, alpha dmg
    Cons: pretty much everything else? I mean, it trades alpha for .4 accuracy, terrible aim time, terrible pen, probably terrible armor as well. Looks like a T7 TVP VTU 105, only even worse.

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      1. T-34-1 is garbage.

        And this has:
        Reload time: 10,9 s
        Accuracy at 100 m: 0,4
        Aiming time: 2,9 s

        => tier 7 is still the worst place to be in terms of MTs


    1. Just noticed it’s tiny af, but it still looks like a pretty bad support tank.

      And yes, I know these are only partial and not final stats


    1. Eyyyy, a Hungarian ice cream, and a rather old one at that, nice find! :D

      As for the tank: this will be the new T67 with CDC design and meh gun.
      Not sure if I should love it or hate it. :|

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  2. I rather they lowered alpha, but made the gun more friendly to use as well as increase the pen. 300 alpha on a tier 7 MT is too much. It is tier 8 HT alpha ffs. It will be a typical gold spamming machine due to the “low” pen and long aimtime/unaccurate gun, but rewarding alpha.


  3. i like these sorts of machines A LOT ive been using the 150mm on the borsig for a while now as a mid range fire support vehicle vs heavy tanks and medium tanks when im not top tier. this if its implemented right could be a whole lot of fun to play. so i dont mind big derpy aiming wise but devastating damage wise guns. just think this thing is tier 7 the oi exp gets a gun with the same alpha 2 tiers lower…


    1. i was able to get incredible results from tanks like the vk3002d and t43 fair enough those had armour i could use in the right scenario and this wont but i feel like i could easily make 155 pen work (that not that bad for the tier) providing its able to make full use of that speed.


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