Master of Orion — Release Trailer

The game was officially released today.


5 thoughts on “Master of Orion — Release Trailer

    1. Stellaris is great but I don’t have any idea of MoO. I loved the older versions but I haven’t played the new one. Is it free to play as well?


  1. I don’t know about Stellaris, other that it’s done by a great developer (Paradox). I have MoO from Beta, I completed one game and well underway to complete the second, it has that “one-more-turn” feeling, which made me realize it’s 5am in the morning twice.
    It’s not so difficult to fight the aliens, at least at average difficulty levels. Rest of the game is nice, but these days I’d rather prefer a win or loss in WOT in 7 minutes, than 14 hours to win MoO. To its defense it does have lots of automation features, if you don’t want to micromanage, but I play the game specifically to micromanage so I don’t care about those.


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