RNG No Comments #62


9 thoughts on “RNG No Comments #62

  1. God damn it, Obsidian, I want those physics in AW.
    Speaking of which – they finally for the first time played their own game – they removing wait/cooldown times for rockets and gun systems.
    AW is about to get whole lot faster gameplay.


          1. Motion blur, color filters, camera shakes, I’m pretty sure some explosions and rams and stuff are slightly changed aswell.


            1. I doubt that – never seen anything fancy done except camera work.
              WoT doesnt need that – its looks beautiful (unlike fucking AW….) – and adding them requires work time.
              Work time – money – so probably no :D


  2. That AMX, like “Alley-oop!” :D

    By the way, what are those emblems on the tanks? The red scum Soviet tanks has the red star and a… bear on them now? What? Same with the Czech and frog tanks, what’s going on??


  3. It is utter stupid to advertize the RNG because it is so broken. They need to make a more consistent RNG that is more predictable and encourage player skill. Skill-based RNG = unaccurate guns should be unaccurate at range and accurate guns should be accurate at all ranges. Also a less agressive pen and damage roll would be good so you know what to expect when firing your gun.

    Sure RNG is fun and all that but it doesnt privide anything to the game. I fight against RNG by moving closer so I can hit weak areas, but if RNG would be less I could engage enemies at longer range more consistently and also hit weakspots on range more consistent. Right now it is too random so I better move closer and dont waste time/shots.

    Moving closer is a good thing for certan tenks, but then those tenks should be balanced accordingly. Not like now when you can get outsniped by is3 and shit due to lucky RNG. Lucky RNG mess up alot when u take 390 dmg shots from a fucking inaccurate tenk. It is stupid.

    I played is3 myself on test server after the accuracy nerf, and it was shockingly accurate even at 300-350 meters without aiming fully. Sure you could miss at close to meium range if not aiming fully, but most times it was according to myself too accurate at medium at long range barely aiming fully.

    You are not supposed to snapshot at medium range, or snapshot weakspots with tenks like is3. It has mobility and armor to stand there and aim a bit longer to make sure it pens and also get alot closer than people are doing now. Also it has alot of alpha so it shouldnt be so easy to make damage as it is now for these “unaccurate, high alpha” tenks. They should make a cap on certan tenks so the shell dont fly longer than X distance also. Is3 need shell distance cat at 350 meters max, after that no pen should be possible.


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