TAP Poll #3: Which tech tree do you want to see first? (Please vote)

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I present to you a new poll to end all polls! Which tech tree does the public want most? This poll will provide you tech trees made by me, Bojan/Yugomanic, Karika, Vollketten, Mizutayio, and Life_In_Black. However, there are more tech trees to choose from.
I’ll provide you the information available so you can make an informed decision. I will also add the Hungarian-Romanian tree, but I don’t know where that would be placed in the poll prediction.
Tech trees include: Italian, Israeli, Swiss, Romanian, Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Polish, and the Romanian-Hungarian tree.
Lastly, if someone doesn’t have a clear definition of copy-paste tanks, I will provide my own. I see copy paste tanks as tanks that do not differ in gameplay. While the Charioteer and the Comet have similar stats and aesthetics, they do play quite differently. I don’t know of anyone who would consider these tanks copy-paste.
I will provide pictures of the most interesting top tier tanks.


As far as I know, Hungary cannot make a full tech tree, but people are still adamant about implementing as it is even if Karika, the designer, has lost faith in it. Hungarian tanks are being used as German premiums which even lowers the chance of a tech tree further (Seb: the tanks used as premiums are not hurting the tree).

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Merkava I: Armed with 105mm L7, it has mediocre armor, but spaced armor compensates for it.

While Life_In_Black’s Israeli tech tree does have quite a bit of tanks that are seen in existing tech trees, they at least have some minor modifications that do make them stand out from other ones. The Israeli tech tree has a decent chance of coming. It also contains iconic tanks such as the Merkava and its prototypes at tier 8, 9, and 10.
Life_In_Black’s forum post of the Israeli tech tree


Leopardino/Lion: Italian Leopard I intended for export with an angled steel turret

OTO-Centuaro: Leopard 1A1 armed with a autoloading 105mm L7

Vollketten has made an Italian tech tree and does provide a substantial amount of information so Wargaming can make an educated decision on where to place these tanks. The earlier tiers are unique, but the later tiers do have some copy pasting going on. It does have modifications that do make it stand out.
Vollketten’s forum post of the Italian tech tree


VZ 67 Variante A and F: Swiss heavy tank with decent armor, armed with a 120mm L11, and containing an autoloader.

Taifun I: Lightly armored and mobile tank destroyer armed with a 105mm L7

Panzer 68: Swizterland’s MBT that is lightly armored and armed with an 105mm L7

Mizutayio’s tech tree is fairly unique in almost all places, except for the lower tiers where it does contain the average Pz.  38(t)-like tanks. It has a pretty high chance of coming and it’s still an almost complete WIP tree. Their top tiers such as the Taifun I and VZ 67 Variante A/F seem promising.

Mizutayio’s site about Swiss tanks and the Swiss tech tree


TR-77-580: Heavily inspired by the T-55, it features a lengthened chassis, a new 100mm A308, and heavy armor (200mm frontal hull, 340mm frontal turret) – it is fairly slow.

This is very much a work-in-progress and progress is fairly slow. We discovered some proposals, but they are just minor armament changes in some cases. My Romanian partners (including Seb) still haven’t visited possible sources of tank projects such as the Ministry of Defense’s archives and other places. All these tanks you currently see are subject to change. For now, it does contain tanks seen on other tech trees such as the T-60 and the LT vz. 35, but they are heavily modified. Since I haven’t made an article on some of these tanks. I will provide a brief description of them. The tech tree also contains some Hungarian tanks which I want to change. Overall, this tech tree is not finished. The asterisk located at the end of each name of the tank means that it’s either likely to change or information about the tank is unknown.
T-34E/120mm: Captured T-34E (variant of the T-34 with extra armor) proposal mounting a 120mm howitzer.
T-34/150mm: Captured T-34 proposal mounting a 150mm howitzer.
TACAM R-2 (8.8cm): TACAM R-2 proposal in someway mounting a FlaK 8.8cm gun
TACAM R-1: R-1 tankette (Romanian variant of the Czech AH-IV) mounting a 45mm 20K
Model 89: While this does seem modern, take into account that the Model 89 uses the 2S1 Gvozdika turret from 1972, the 122mm D-30 howitzer (also being used in some Israeli TDs), and the MLI-84 hull which is just a lengthened BMP-1.
bandicam 2016-08-19 23-01-38-819.jpg
Still a work-in-progress

TR-77-580 history and specs
Post about Romanian tank destroyers from tier 1 to 5 (outdated. Will be revised later)


A way to make life easier for both of these trees. I added separate trees in case you don’t like it.


Czolg Pancernik: Polish super heavy tank project made by Polish science fiction author  Stanislaw Lem. Has decent armor and a 155mm gun.

The development of a Polish tech tree is happening at Wargaming, but knowing when it’s coming or if it even is coming is unknown. They appear to have some interesting low tiers and a very intriguing top tier, but it has to contain some tanks that have appeared in other tech trees.


M-363D: Armed with a French 105mm with a 680hp engine

Bojan and Yugomaniac proposed the Yugoslavian tree along with tanks seen on other nations but heavily modified. While it seems like it can build a tech tree, some people like Vollketten have told me that Wargaming is opposed to the Yugoslavian tech tree. Their tiers 8, 9, and 10 seem interesting.