TAP Poll #3: Which tech tree do you want to see first? (Please vote)

Information located below the poll!

I present to you a new poll to end all polls! Which tech tree does the public want most? This poll will provide you tech trees made by me, Bojan/Yugomanic, Karika, Vollketten, Mizutayio, and Life_In_Black. However, there are more tech trees to choose from.

I’ll provide you the information available so you can make an informed decision. I will also add the Hungarian-Romanian tree, but I don’t know where that would be placed in the poll prediction.

Tech trees include: Italian, Israeli, Swiss, Romanian, Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Polish, and the Romanian-Hungarian tree.

Lastly, if someone doesn’t have a clear definition of copy-paste tanks, I will provide my own. I see copy paste tanks as tanks that do not differ in gameplay. While the Charioteer and the Comet have similar stats and aesthetics, they do play quite differently. I don’t know of anyone who would consider these tanks copy-paste.

I will provide pictures of the most interesting top tier tanks.


As far as I know, Hungary cannot make a full tech tree, but people are still adamant about implementing as it is even if Karika, the designer, has lost faith in it. Hungarian tanks are being used as German premiums which even lowers the chance of a tech tree further (Seb: the tanks used as premiums are not hurting the tree).



Merkava I: Armed with 105mm L7, it has mediocre armor, but spaced armor compensates for it.

While Life_In_Black’s Israeli tech tree does have quite a bit of tanks that are seen in existing tech trees, they at least have some minor modifications that do make them stand out from other ones. The Israeli tech tree has a decent chance of coming. It also contains iconic tanks such as the Merkava and its prototypes at tier 8, 9, and 10.

Life_In_Black’s forum post of the Israeli tech tree


Leopardino/Lion: Italian Leopard I intended for export with an angled steel turret
OTO-Centuaro: Leopard 1A1 armed with a autoloading 105mm L7

Vollketten has made an Italian tech tree and does provide a substantial amount of information so Wargaming can make an educated decision on where to place these tanks. The earlier tiers are unique, but the later tiers do have some copy pasting going on. It does have modifications that do make it stand out.


Vollketten’s forum post of the Italian tech tree


VZ 67 Variante A and F: Swiss heavy tank with decent armor, armed with a 120mm L11, and containing an autoloader.
Taifun I: Lightly armored and mobile tank destroyer armed with a 105mm L7
Panzer 68: Swizterland’s MBT that is lightly armored and armed with an 105mm L7

Mizutayio’s tech tree is fairly unique in almost all places, except for the lower tiers where it does contain the average Pz.  38(t)-like tanks. It has a pretty high chance of coming and it’s still an almost complete WIP tree. Their top tiers such as the Taifun I and VZ 67 Variante A/F seem promising.

Mizutayio’s site about Swiss tanks and the Swiss tech tree


TR-77-580: Heavily inspired by the T-55, it features a lengthened chassis, a new 100mm A308, and heavy armor (200mm frontal hull, 340mm frontal turret) – it is fairly slow.

This is very much a work-in-progress and progress is fairly slow. We discovered some proposals, but they are just minor armament changes in some cases. My Romanian partners (including Seb) still haven’t visited possible sources of tank projects such as the Ministry of Defense’s archives and other places. All these tanks you currently see are subject to change. For now, it does contain tanks seen on other tech trees such as the T-60 and the LT vz. 35, but they are heavily modified. Since I haven’t made an article on some of these tanks. I will provide a brief description of them. The tech tree also contains some Hungarian tanks which I want to change. Overall, this tech tree is not finished. The asterisk located at the end of each name of the tank means that it’s either likely to change or information about the tank is unknown.

T-34E/120mm: Captured T-34E (variant of the T-34 with extra armor) proposal mounting a 120mm howitzer.

T-34/150mm: Captured T-34 proposal mounting a 150mm howitzer.

TACAM R-2 (8.8cm): TACAM R-2 proposal in someway mounting a FlaK 8.8cm gun

TACAM R-1: R-1 tankette (Romanian variant of the Czech AH-IV) mounting a 45mm 20K

Model 89: While this does seem modern, take into account that the Model 89 uses the 2S1 Gvozdika turret from 1972, the 122mm D-30 howitzer (also being used in some Israeli TDs), and the MLI-84 hull which is just a lengthened BMP-1.

bandicam 2016-08-19 23-01-38-819.jpg
Still a work-in-progress

TR-77-580 history and specs

Post about Romanian tank destroyers from tier 1 to 5 (outdated. Will be revised later)


A way to make life easier for both of these trees. I added separate trees in case you don’t like it.


Czolg Pancernik: Polish super heavy tank project made by Polish science fiction author  Stanislaw Lem. Has decent armor and a 155mm gun.

The development of a Polish tech tree is happening at Wargaming, but knowing when it’s coming or if it even is coming is unknown. They appear to have some interesting low tiers and a very intriguing top tier, but it has to contain some tanks that have appeared in other tech trees.


M-363D: Armed with a French 105mm with a 680hp engine

Bojan and Yugomaniac proposed the Yugoslavian tree along with tanks seen on other nations but heavily modified. While it seems like it can build a tech tree, some people like Vollketten have told me that Wargaming is opposed to the Yugoslavian tech tree. Their tiers 8, 9, and 10 seem interesting.



38 thoughts on “TAP Poll #3: Which tech tree do you want to see first? (Please vote)

  1. In my opinion, the two most interesting ones are the Swiss and Israeli ones: few clones (only in the lower tiers), no soviet taste, attractive TX, relatively complete (several branches), unique personalities.

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      1. I agree that the Samovar and Magach are clones or close to clones (similar to the Sherman Firefly compare to the M4A3E8). But the Merkava and Panarab TDs are unique.
        The mid-tier Shermans are equivalent to the Czech T34-100 in their approach: post-war improvement of already existing tanks.


  2. Hungarian – won’t appear since they’d have to move Mutz and it’s unfair for those who bought it (if they bought it for german crew).

    Polish – won’t appear since they’d have to move Rudy which is most used premium tank (I think) to train rushian bias crews.

    Romania – not enough tanks even if you will add some GW E100s and WT auf E100s.

    Switzerland – I’m ready for next light tanks branch, but I guess it won’t happen.

    Israeli – “plz no more clones” – “YEA ADD 5 TECH BRANCHES FULL OF SHERMANS”.

    Jugoslavia – I don’t even care.

    Italy – depends on how many are real and how many are GW E100-ish.

    European / Rest Ally / Rest Axis tech trees – this would be something cool. Since there will not be any marathon soon (or rather EVER) on EU there is no need to put 32949 new tech trees, just combine shit together. And it looks so retarded when there are just 2 lines (Japan) or even 1 (Czechoslovakia).


    1. I think you are determining their fates without knowing the information. The Swiss has a high chance of coming (I know this from Mizutayio and Vollketten)

      Hungarian are probably not going to be in the game, I agree. (Mutz is Swiss but it’s not a problem for the Swiss Tech tree)

      Italy is very much real.

      Polish premiums have already been made.

      To be fair the Czech line can make two more lines.

      Some of Romanian tanks consist of “Let’s replace gun because .”

      It’s not fake if that’s what you are implying.

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      1. I meant Turan is already in german tech tree, that’s why they won’t made hungarian or will delay it a lot. *brain fart* The only way WG can implement these nations (Poland, Hungary and Swiss) without shitstorm is to make these prem tanks able to use both nations. And I doubt they want to do this.

        I’m not a historian or someone who is even intrested that much in real tanks that much so I’ll believe you that they are real.

        Tbh if any of these could be added it would be ONLY Swiss due to politics and stuff, but still doubt it. And I’d rather get European tree.


        1. The name T-26/37mm, T-43E/120mm, and T-34/150mm are made up by me.

          I did did one out of three articles on these tanks. I was planning to do the other two later.

          However, the proposals are real. The information came from a PDF released by the Romanian Ministry of Defense with documents inside.


  3. My only hope is Italian, even if we have to live with few copy paste high tiers (Autoloader leo would make an interesting choice for accurate, slow reloading AL after WG at least nerfed Skoda’s accuracy).

    While Israel has Merkava, it has so many copy paste/modification at low-mid tiers) and most importantly has nothing to do with WW2 anymore, while Italian is one of the prime participant.

    After that, I just want WG to imporve and add branches to existing nations, which should be enough content for 2-4 more years I guess. I’ll be open to any new nations which could add more gameplay options like upcoming Swedish tree, though.


  4. In terms of feasibility and attractivity to me:

    1) Swiss tree looks pretty sweet and was my choice in the poll. Many intresting designs, reminds me of Swedish tanks a lot. The emblem is a huge plus.

    2) Ugro-Romanian tree is an interesting concept, I’m not sure if such nation-mixing is viable, but it would bring a lot of WW2 relevant tech into into the game in form of full tree.

    Italian tree – again, relevant tech, full tree, probably. Personally I just don’t find most of the vehicles as interesting, though they certainly do carry considerable historical importance.

    3) Polish/Hungarian/Romanian – roughly the same interest to me, in that order from most interesting. The issue is filling the tree though.

    4) Yugoslavian – has some interesting designs on mid and high tiers, but there are too many copies for a reasonable tree imo.

    5) Israeli. Exists purely as an excuse to get Mekava in the game. Overall so filled with copies that it makes chinese tree look rather epic. Merkava and AMX Sherman should just be introduced as US premiums.

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  5. Hungary: A tree without tier 8, 9 and 10 won’t happen. That was said by a WG employee

    Israel: Driving a Sherman from Tier 4 to 8 will be pretty boring. Plus the Tier 5, 6 and 8 Shermans are already in the game. Seems pretty dumb to introduce a branch of Shermans just to get the Merkava in game. Not needed in my oppinion.

    Italy: One of the more promissing trees. The disadvantages are the copy-tanks in the higher tiers. Panther on Tier 7, Pershing on Tier 8, Patton on Tier 9 and basicaly a Leopard with autoloader on Tier 10. Nah…

    Swiss: My favorite, because they have their own tanks in mid and high Tiers. Copys in the lower tiers aren’t that good, but most people don’t play them that much, plus WG has unique high tier tanks to make money (one of the reasons, why I think, this is coming first).

    Romania: I don’t know that tanks very well, but they look like the existing soviet ones. They may play a little different, but if you consider that people even called the Obj.430 and the 121 a clone of the T-62A (both play different), you can say that those tanks are clones, too. Not needed in my oppinion.

    Poland: I don’t understand the purpose of that “tree” (not even showed here), if the high tier tanks are made up by a sci-fi author. I wouldn’t even be 100% sure that this tree will actualy makes it into the game, just because there was a single polish tank on the supertest. Definitely not needed in my oppinion.

    Yugoslavia: Some unique tanks, too, but I don’t know them, so I can’t say, if I wan’t to play them. Looks interesting.

    My personal oppinion on new tech trees: WG should finish the nations that are in game already, after introducing the Swedish branch.
    Still missing:
    -Chineses Arty and TDs (still some copys, but not more that in the Romanian or Italian tree for exaple)
    -Japanese Arty and TDs
    -British light tanks
    -Second US medium branch
    -Second French heavy branch
    -Swedish mediums and Arty, after the initial tree is introduced.


  6. I just wonder, why do people even bother with the copypaste Israeli tree at this point. Especially after seeing the proposed tech tree. I mean, seriously? Make them premium tanks for the USA tree, that’s the best course of action!

    As for my own vote, I will have to side with the Hungaro-Romanian tech tree proposal, as none of them could make whole tree alone but combined a good chance is clearly present.
    Plus, calling it Transylvanian (Or rather, Erdélyi, as the place called in Hungarian…) makes it sound better. I for one like the place, the people, their culture and history.

    The Swiss and Italian tree has high chances, I am pretty sure we will see them ingame, and not the WG’s Soon™ kind of soon.

    Well now, let’s see the poll’s outcome…

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    1. The Merkava as US premium … Are you serious?
      The Israeli Shermans are interesting as they represent the post-war improvement by a country with limited resources, which used and improved all the tanks they had available. None of these variants were developed by the American, and are nearly more distinct to the US Shermans than the two British Shermans already ingame.
      Additionally, the Israeli tree would allow to introduce the soviet derived panarabs tanks in an interesting way that is currently absent ingame: as TD (even if for some of them, they were in reality used as SPG, captured by Israel).


        1. We had the Pz. T15 and Pz. T25 and still got the Czech tree ;-) And the Panzer 58 Mutz has wrong armor values ingame, letting place for a correct Panzer 58 in the tree (see the explanations of Mizutayio).


      1. Well tell me then, how is a Sherman modification for 4 tier levels better than, for example, 7 tiers of unique and different tanks? Or 9 tiers with 3 different branches? 10 tiers with 4 different branches?
        How can a Swiss, Italian and with some pressure, a Hungaro-Romanian tech tree placed behind one that is entirely made out of tanks that were modified (save for the last 3)?
        Honestly man, I would rather not have a tech tree that has 8 copy-paste tanks with no difference in gameplay compared to their original vehicle.

        What you are blieving here is that the Israeli tree would be viable gameplay wise, with having basically the same vehicle for several tiers. If not even for the fact of that we have had enough copy-paste monkeys (*cough* Chinese tree *cough*), which then ultimately bring even more Soviet based copies, then we face the reality of having the same tank for 4 tiers.

        Man, screw that. But you know what? This is my personal opinion. You can argue it all day long for what I care. Only way your precious Israeli tree would ever get in the game would be if the jews bought it in through WG with great money. The Chinese did it with their own tree, didn’t they?…


  7. Not gonna lie, despite my determination to see the M-51 ingame in the correct nationality, I voted Swiss, I love the look of the mediums, heavies, and TDs… Curious about the light tanks though. Anyone have any detail there?
    Sadly cant read the Italian tree due to posting on PS4 (Not enough zoom)


      1. The Revalorisé isn’t the M-51 though, they are two different vehicles. The Revalorisé wasn’t used by Israel, it’s just the French testbed to prove the concept. Since Israel started the M-51 project, it really should be an Israeli premium and not French, as it’s completely redundant in the French tech tree and was the best candidate for an Israeli premium.


        1. I see you finally commented :)

          Being two different vehicles kind of justifies having it being the French tree.

          However, I do agree that it should’ve not entered in the game yet if they are actually planning on making an Israeli tech tree.


  8. i personally wish for Italy and Swiss. The rest doesn’t really catch my attention, except the Hungarian tech tree, but sadly it doesn’t go up to tier X…


  9. Not implementing an Italian tech tree is simple blasphemy for a WW2 AFV game. 100% realistic, 100% relevant, a plethora of real, historic vehicles for all branches, (CV-33/35/38, L6/40, M11/39, M13/40, M14/41, P26/40, M15/42, M16/43, Semoventi 105/25, 47/32, 75/18, 75/34, 75/46, 90/53, etc..) and best of all they are all cool.
    Israeli tree ?!?! Who’s bright Idea was that ? Pure fantasy and copy-paste junk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Israeli pure copy-paste? They are more distinct to the US tanks than the upper tiers of main Italian branch, meaning Panther, M47 and Leopard that are simply clones.
      Lot of bad faith in the comments to this pool … :-/


  10. I voted Italian, been out of the game way to long. Maybe we can get the IL DUCE from HOI4. I see no problems with most of these trees being in game. Who cares about copy paste anymore if people want to play the line they will.


  11. I’ll vote Italian, only because they actually fought in the war. To be honest some of the lest complete nations should probably be clumped together to make a more complete tree. Its not a perfect solution, but at least then the tanks would get into the game. Rather then stay on the drawing table for eternity or be released as 1-off premiums.


    1. There are obvious issues with this.

      Some tanks are wheeled and have no guns at all such as the BTR-60, BTR-80, and FUG

      Some tanks such as the Pz. IV F1, T-44, PT-76, etc are too weak for that tier. They can not work there. T-44 is armed with an 85mm, PT-76 has a dinky 76mm gun, and the Pz. IV F1 had the short 75mm

      Some tanks such as the T-44 and T-100 make me skeptical where Hungary even owned them or not. I never heard of a Hungarian T-34-100 or them owning T-44.

      Wargaming will not add tanks such as the T-55AM and the BMP-1. The BMP-1 is armed with a smooth bore 73mm and the T-55AM has composites and other advanced FCS. That’s why Romania doesn’t have a T-55AM in their tree.

      No offense, but this is not a very good tech tree. That is why I posted Karika’s proposal because he is a Hungarian armored vehicle researcher and knows his stuff and the requirements of WG.


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