Jagdtiger 8.8 Available on NA

Tank and slot, price: 45 $



4 thoughts on “Jagdtiger 8.8 Available on NA

    1. Really? I can see it become boring if you spam it, but I play it every few days and I enjoy it very much. It’s one of my best moneymakers and I have a few Tier 8 premiums.


      1. J88 is OP, ppl just don’t know how to play it, every single match i played it when it was rental, i carried the match, with alot of damage blocked, and alot of damage done, and even 1×6 matchs got carried, but again, fan boys of the skorpion will think it is better, if i could win a J88 or a Skorp, i would always choose the J88, better in all aspects.


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