WoWS: Fake Leaks

Source: Redditor Speedkermie

Official message from the NGACN community:

„Greetings, this is SEA group speaking here.

The leak of British Cruisers was not from Chinese server, not at all.

It is true that CN server sells unreleased ships for so-called “test purpose”, but CN server does not “hire” STers and we are one patch behind, and the 0.5.10 is coming on 23rd.

That is, although we are known for giving away news quickly, we cannot do things un-achievable, that’s it. The OP in the EU forum took the chance to fabricate a “Chinese leak” to justify their own leaks. The link provided is an irrelevant QA days ago. (They assume you guys don’t read Chinese, heh) They were admitting their guilt indeed.

Anyway, please allow me to take the chance to promote ourselves. We are SEA GROUP in NGACN, of which the WOWS sub-forum is the biggest KDW authorized third party site in China. Whenever you see a post with a QR code at the end, that’s ours. Stay tuned, as official CN server British Cruiser debut is coming SOONTM.”

Please note that some of the information here represents changes during development. Announced changes were discarded later. Therefore changes posted here are not guaranteed to make it to the live server.

Buffalo (the other unreleased tier 10 US CA) recieved Benson top torpedoes (16633 dmg, 55 kt, 9,2 km)

Tone recieved 2 flight control mods : 1 air superiority mod with 2 squads of 3 fighters each (for a total of 6) and 1 strike mod with 2 squads of 3 unknown planes each (for a total of 6). The planes are tier 9/10 (something like Saipan). No plane reserves. Squads have much longer preparation time than on CVs

  • When Cleveland is moved to tier 8 of US CL line, Baltimore can be degraded to tier 8. Buffalo can be nerfed to fit as tier 9.
  • Kitakami will not be a reward for ranked battle. It may appear at the end of the year.
  • Zao won’t be nerf, other tier 10 CA will be buffed instead.
  • Full Soviet BB line may not come next year, but only some new Soviet/Russian BBs

Cleveland as tier 8 CL : – Max range + 2,1 km (= 16,7 km) – Max dispersion + 6 m (= 139 m) – ROF buffed to 12 rpm – Other gun parameters remain unchanged – 3 replacement candidates for Cleveland as tier 6 are considered. One of them is Northampton-class (some sort of US glass cannon with 9 x 203 mm guns). Other two are unknown, look like some paper projects)

You will get armour viewer in 5.11.

GK front turret armour : 400 mm GK side turret : 200-250 mm GK barbette armour : 380 mm

FdG front turret armour : 400 mm FdG side turret : 220 mm FdG barbette armour : 365 mm

Bonus : Moskva front turret armour : 300 mm

British CLs have smoke screen but no defensive fire, radar and sonar are comparable to US CAs. Their gameplay is the same as USS Flint.

  • FdG turret hit point is still 20.000.
  • Only GK turret hit point is buffed to 40.000
  • RN tier X Minotaur infos :
    • 2 x 5 152 mm guns, ROF = 15 rpm, AP dmg = 3200, HE dmg = 2200, fire chance = 11%, max range = 15,8 km
    • Detectability range by sea = 11,5 km
    • Using Des Moines radar and sonar (same characteristics). You have to choose between Smoke screen and Radar.
    • 2 x 4 533 mm torpedoes, 62 kt, range 10 km
  • RN CL line is basically a full Atlanta/Flint line without Defensive fire consumable.
  • Max range of RN CL torpedoes : 6 km –> 8km –>10km.
  • Max speed of RN CL torpedoes : 53 kt –> 59 kt –> 61 kt –>62 kt.
  • Leander VI, Neptune IX and Minotaur X have quadruple launchers.
  • Celedon III, Danea IV, Emerald V, Fiji VII, Edinburg VIII have triple launchers.
  • Black Swan I and Weymouth II don’t have torpedoes.
  • Tier 7 premium Beffast has a ROF of 8 RPM.

Leningrad is tier 7 Soviet premium destroyers with 8 km torps.

Arkansas Beta AA will be buffed. They just add the missing 4 × 3-pounder 47 mm (1.85 in)/40 cal saluting guns.


32 thoughts on “WoWS: Fake Leaks

  1. oh jeez.

    i wonder how Rita will try to blame this, cause china DEFENITLY doesn’t have the same NDA or ToS as WGEU.

    she’ll probably claim they have the same anyway because it has the word “global” in it.

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  2. One big difference between random AS STer’s leak (“not AS server” is completely fake) and NGA publish is that NGA is the authorized by KDW. (to foster premium sales XD.)

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  3. Totally irritating way of “updating” the post. First it says the leaks are not from China, then it says the leaks are from China. To understand this way of writing, people need to know those two seperate posts in the first place, which makes reading TAP even more redundant than usual.


              1. Then again, WoWs is not a game for you, so that goes a long way to explain your horribad way of just throwing stuff together most of the time. Since you are not interested in the game, just don’t write about it. Will save you other people a lot of time ironing out all the mistakes, rumors and outright lies you come up with.


                  1. Oh, you mean ***********? The name you remove? Because you’re so envious of other blogs out there? Guess what? Grown up people have a life and aren’t around the net for 24 hrs a day.

                    Also, all you base your stuff on is an unconfirmed statement on reddit, one of which nobody knows whether or not it is genuine or not. So your “information” might as well be fake. Or it might not. But you don’t care. All you care about is attention and no fuck is given to whether or not the shit you post is actually true or not.


                    1. I have contacts in China, and yes, I was lucky the Chinese community did not make a shitstorm about it. Yes, multiple places confirm the same thing: that it’s fake.


  4. LOL. You contacts? Yea right.

    Also, the “other blog” is about twice as large as yours, run by one guy. Why do you think that is? It may be due to the quality of posts and the author not behaving the way you do.


    1. Also, which one is fake? The infos? The statement that the infos are not from China? The numbers themselves? Jee, you don’t even know despite “your contacts”.



          1. Why are you so upset about sources, unless someone is taking your credit away? If this blog is not up to your standards of quality, why do you bother reading it and flaming and whining in the comment section?! How many people actually care about and check the source?

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            1. Seb has repeatedly lamented the poor quality of this blog himself. Yet, when pointing out what to do different, it’s been put down as whining. Double standards anybody? You can’t deal with criticism, don’t get out on the net.

              Giving people the option to check sources is part of the quality which is missing on this blog in many cases.


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