Swedish Tree in Real Life

Made by Redditor dirktheboy231 at /r/worldoftanks


13 thoughts on “Swedish Tree in Real Life

      1. On the actual Imgur, the text under the image says: “This one was very hard to find, because I found 5 Ikv 90s, but not a single Ikv 90 Typ B. Judging by the looks, I am thinking this will be the one.”


  1. It’s funny how it says Ikv 90 Typ B on the 7th pic, but is Typ S on the actual picture.

    The tier 2 one is adorable and the tier 4 looks so cool! I think I will actually grind out this line. Not sure about the meds/heavies, though. Eh, I will see.

    Any heads-up about when the Swedes will arrive?

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