Swedish Tree Revealed

From Quickybaby’s Gamescom stream.

Also a 100 years of tanks mode was announced. Some shots of a WW1 battlefield and an armored car were present.


44 thoughts on “Swedish Tree Revealed

    1. Some tanks present in the game have the wrong class already. For instance, the BDR G1B and B1 should be more medium tanks (they’re cavalery tanks) than heavy tanks… and the AMX 40 should be a medium tank and not a light one.

      So, one more, one less… *shrugs*

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    2. You obviously can’t read, the Kran is a heavy.
      The Strv is classified as an MBT irl but WoT doesn’t have an MBT classification and since it’s a turretless tank, in the context of WWII it is an assault gun.

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    1. yeah i got more excited for the 100 years of tanks game mode too, because its probably getting in setember better than only next year, and because there probably will be nice missions to par with it.

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        1. oh so we will get race car, auto repairing, ms1 tanks in this new game mode if it’s to be like BF1 =P
          russian bias confirmed


  1. Only 2 lines, eh? Wonder if this is the best that they could put together, or only a start, last time I was following the fanmade Swedish trees, there was enough tanks for another TD line, arty, plus a shitload of lights.

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  2. WHO Swedish tanks so much. MBT as TD, cuz WG, cuz fuck what tank really is !!!!! So WG said they gonna do new hydraulic suspension for STB and STRV, but its too hard….ahaaha.

    And tier 8, 9 and 10 are same tanks, with diffrent guns…gg.

    Those tank never saw combat, but OK, better then Brummbar, cuz Brummbar was fake…


  3. Will you look at that, a new tree with more than one line to begin with! Wow!
    Okay, I am getting excited, this will actually be good!


  4. ok finished looking up what the tanks look like

    first off, this is the first medium line i’ve looked at an gone “bleh ugly”
    and the first TD line i’ve gone “shiney!!!!!!!!”

    so yeah…..out of my way i’ve got my first ever TD line to play


  5. Hey Sp15 any idea what the Ikv 90 typ B is? I dident see anythibg relating to it by that name so. Possibly a prototype for the turretless Ikv 90 or is it a turreted TD? Any ideas?


    1. Chances are, the guys making the models are not the same guys in charge of making balance changes to the game. Those guys might have done a balancing pass on the Swedish tanks back when they were conceptuialized, but I imagine that work has long sense been completed, small changes are likely to be made as they go into the testing phase, but thats likely nothing more then editing those pre-existing values.

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