WoWS: 0.5.10 Preview

Post-Battle Statistics

The post-battle statistics screen now includes new data that helps to evaluate a player’s performance, namely:

  • Damage that allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Number of fires the allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Potential damage that includes the following:
    • Potential maximum damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that hit the player’s ship
    • Potential damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that were fired/launched by the enemy at the player’s ship but missed
  • Number of enemy ships, squadrons and torpedoes spotted by the player
  • Capture points and defense points

Please note that post-battle statistic changes listed above do not have any impact on the in-game economy as of this point. Currently, this information has been made available only to provide detailed information about the players’ statistics. Please send us your feedback in the forum! We plan to integrate this data with the in-game economy in future, after analysing the feedback we gather and the associated game statistics.

Improvements to the Player’s Profile

Thanks to your feedback, the Player’s Profile now has statistics for individual ships and other helpful data:

  • Total, average and the highest damage (in a single battle) that allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Total, average and the highest number of enemy ships spotted by the player
  • Participation in capturing / defending key areas calculated as a percentage ratio (points earned by the player vs. points earned by the rest of their team)
  • Total, average and the highest potential damage per battle

Post-battle statistics and players’ profile improvements are not the only interface changes – participate in the Public Test to find out more and share your thoughts with us!

Maps and Locations

  • Reworked the visual aspect of the Maps “Fault Line” and “Two Brothers”.
  • Carried out modifications to the Map “Neighbors”: the geometry of the island in the upper part of the map was changed due to balance considerations.

Colourblind Mode

Added a mode that supports adaptation of the colour palette for players with the corresponding colour vision deficiencies. To enable this mode, select the corresponding option via the Settings screen. The intensity of the corresponding effect can be customised.


To improve balance of divisions and reduce the number of balance-related issues, we have decided to limit the maximum difference between tiers of ships in a Division. For now, this difference is set to one tier.


Be the first to check out sound improvements such as: improved logic for playing detection messages in Binocular View, sounds for bomb explosions and fires, and many others.

That’s all for the public test for 0.5.10, but there’s more! German fleet reinforcements are coming. Eight battleships are waiting to be released in the upcoming version in their full splendour. Stay tuned!