New Supertest Map

A new map was released on the supertest. No names or too many details, but new movement patterns will be tested on it. In the future it may appear in-game.


16 thoughts on “New Supertest Map

  1. open but too bouny, so unfriendly for tds, and a lot of artys ( 261- frenchs… almost everything except the conqueror GC)


  2. This map. Two corridors and an elevated part which can be shot at from everywhere and no one will use. 50% are not accessible because of mountains/water. Do they even care anymore or just trying to fuck with us?


    1. 60 players or not, this map will probably suck, don’t you agree?
      I would also like to hear some counter arguments, currently I can’t clearly see how a battle would go down there, so, some details and such would be appreciated.


      1. Well it’s pretty hard to see how a battle would go in this with just 2 screen shoots, but its looks like, since the spawns are close to each other, the brawl would start soon, since the only acess to the advantage area is the bridges on mid, the team that win the battle on mid would be able to go up the bridges to a elevated area in montains that cover both caps.

        The area in north seems useless but scouts could try to go there maybe.

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      2. I can only assume from those few pics, but my opinion – big brawl in the middle donuty area, north lacks soft and hard cover and looks like it could be easily shut down by a TD’s camping near the wide bridges behind rocks, where they can’t be shot in the sides and you can’t outvision them.
        Also south seems to have various advantages.

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  3. Seems the south spawn can snipe anyone going to the advantage area, while the north spawn can not. But they should just throw it in the game since it needs some more maps.


  4. What new are they testing here? I see the same old, big open areas without cover that can be shut down by TD’s, bases with cover – again camping tanks shutting down pushing lanes, although that’s probably why southwest is there. Big brawl on small area, open for arty. Large parts of the map inacessible or unusable, suicidal bridge crossings.


  5. The blockage design is stronk with Wargaming.

    Seriously, what the fuck is it with these map design guys?
    Each new map released for preview either has 2/5 to 3/5 made completely unusable, because of terrain features like: rock/ships placements (blockages), placement of non climbable mountains/hills and or deep water areas.

    Is it soo hard not to design a map which has few the above three features mentioned?
    Maps which feature mostly SOFT corridors, giving the ability to actually able to flank, instead of the HARD corridors which promote only ‘frontal’ engagements and adds to the issues the current gameplay is suffering from.


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